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Friday, June 2, 2023

I’m innocent, supporter of Pakistan Army – Parvez...

The provincial anti-corruption watchdog arrested Parvez Elahi in relation to a case involving Rs70 million in corruption in development funds allocated for the Gujrat district — in which his bail was rejected.

PTI women deny being mistreated in jail

The PTI women said that no abuse occurred in jails; however, keeping them in jail when they have done nothing is abuse in itself. PTI Chairman Imran Khan had earlier alleged that there were reports of abuse of his women party workers and supporters who were arrested following the May 9 riots.

APTMA congratulates CM Punjab for successful cotton campaign

The recently concluded cotton campaign in Punjab has resulted in the sowing of over 4.4 million acres of land, a significant increase in the figures of 3.67 million acres from the previous year.

Nokia Unveils New Hot Pink Flip Phone

Nokia unveils new hot pink flip phone, with a nostalgic design, modern features, and the return of the beloved Snake game.

Leaked Images and Mockups of iPhone 15 Unveil Design Updates

Leaked images and mockups of iPhone 15 unveil design updates for the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Mini, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Turkish Lira hits record lows as Erdogan secures third decade...

Lira hits record lows as Erdogan secures third term, raising concerns about Turkey's economy and his unorthodox policies.

U.S. Commerce Secretary Condemns China’s Ban on Micron Technology

U.S. Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo has strongly criticized China's effective ban on purchases of Micron Technology memory chips, labeling it as "economic coercion."

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Analyzing China’s Entry into Commercial Aircraft Industry

China's role in the aircraft industry has witnessed remarkable growth in recent years. The nation has demonstrated its prowess in manufacturing, technological innovation, and global collaboration.

Reforming the Judicial System: A Key to Justice for All

In order to build a just and fair society, it is crucial to embark on comprehensive judicial reform. This entails confronting the prevalent challenges that plague the system, such as corruption, the misuse of law, and the proliferation of fake cases.

The media movers and shakers of Pakistani politics

This “independent-looking" business tycoon cum media baron who had lived peacefully all along Ayub's Martial Law, however, could not pull along with General Yahya Khan who replaced Ayub Khan in April 1969.

Iran-Taliban skirmishes and Pakistan’s ‘Afghanistan conundrum’

Pakistan, of course, will have to play a part, in whatever capacity, to keep the conflict between Iran and Afghanistan from blowing out as it would result in further unrest in Pakistan as well but there is still a limit to Pakistan’s influence over Taliban.


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