A More Permanent Lifestyle Change for Work?

Over the past eighteen months, many of us have went through quite a big change to our working lifestyle as working from home options have only grown in possibilities, it has provided more opportunities to explore hobbies and passions as options for those looking to play free slots and explore other online entertainment have only increased. This change could look to grow further too as there may be a bigger change coming to enable a four-day work week and provide even more free time and a bigger lifestyle change – but is this looking to be more permanent, or could the more normal day to day look to return in the near future?

For remote working options, it certainly looks as if the change for many could be more permanent, and those who haven’t been able to explore remote working options are leaving current positions in droves to do so. Many examples are emerging of employees frustrated with the return to the office and seeking out a change, with experts suggesting that those who are unwilling to incorporate a remote working package to their new positions may start to fall behind those who have already done so or who are willing to make the adjustment. 

(Image from breathehr.com)

The four-day work week is an option that’s still up in the air, whilst it is something being trialled in some countries by certain businesses it is still certainly something that’s not yet emerged as a mainstream option, and there are questions around how this will be implemented – will it be working standard hours for the four days, or tacking on an extra two hours per day? One certainly looks to be better than the other on paper, but as something that’s still so new there’s a lot of room for change in a short period of time which could have a big impact on how this is implemented. 

For those that are able to enjoy these changes, however, the added flexibility of having more control over your own work hours and a better work life balance as work is now balanced around the home life rather than the other way around, it’s certainly a welcome change. The growing options in remote working visas and those looking to travel for work too continue to provide options for a more permanent lifestyle change much in the same way as working options may not be limited to one office or one city, as those looking to sit out on the beach in the sun to do their normal day to day may benefit the most from this change and look to see how options will only become more available and more robust over time too.

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