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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

A new Brahmin state can solve the problem of India

Let Brahmin zealots march under their svastika, and their pundits rule over their state like the Pope does the Holy See. One could even call it ‘Brahmin Desh’, and let the rest of India be at peace.

The Hindu savastika is a caste symbol of peace and happiness. Adolf Hitler used the same sign, slightly modified, to espouse the superiority of the Aryan race. Like the Hindu fundamentalist outfit Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) that rules over India today, the Nazi party came into power in 1933 and governed till 1945. In one form or the other, racial supremacists exist all over the world. The RSS in India and the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) in the West have a lot in common while they rally under the savastika.

There are around 60.5 million Brahmins in India, the caste that has always dominated Hindu society whilst comprising of a mere 5% of it. They are priests, teachers, politicians; protectors of sacred learning. Then there are 220 million Dalits, 172 million Muslims, 27 million Sikhs, 28 million Christians and 12.6 million Kashmiris, who are mostly Muslims too.

When the British decided to leave India after the Second World War, Muhammad Ali Jinnah was the only one who could see through the façade of Brahmin secularism. While he demanded a separate homeland for Muslims, all the others – including B.R Ambedkar, Abul Kalam Azad, Sheikh Abdullah, Master Tara Singh, etc – decided to stay behind. Little did they know that one day they too would come under Brahmin rule.

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The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is the political wing of the RSS, and is in the process of converting the secular Indian union into a fundamentalist ‘Brahmin state’. Like Hitler, Narendra Modi is changing the constitution to ensure Brahmin domination. Everyone is hurting and out on the street, yet the RSS agenda is being followed. There are freedom movements all over the Indian Union.

Dalits, Sikhs, Muslims, Kashmiris and Christians are all up in arms. The entire Kashmiri leadership is under house arrest while the Muslim majority state has been under curfew since August 2019. Brahmins cannot rule and exploit 95 percent of the population in the name of religion, not in the 21st century.

Humanity demands that they should be restricted to their own areas of majority while the Christian, Dalit, Sikh, Muslim and Kashmiri populations decide their own future in a civilised and democratic way. Domination of a 5 percent minority over billions of people is ridiculous. Brahmins can no longer have their cake and eat it too, otherwise the disintegration of the secular Indian Union is inevitable, and Modi has accelerated the process.

Let Brahmin zealots march under their svastika, and their pundits rule over their state like the Pope does the Holy See. One could even call it ‘Brahmin Desh’, and let the rest of India be at peace

Democracy is the anti-thesis of racial discrimination or supremacist views. It works on the principle of one man, one vote. Individuals are counted without weighting their credentials or power. Manipulated, controlled, fabricated electoral processes do not work. In Europe, the separation of the state and church was carried out in the middle ages for the sake of progress.

Today, the Pope in the Vatican is the religious head of the Catholic church, but has been stripped of any administrative power. In Iran, the religious head is Ayatollah Khomeini while the country is administratively run by an elected President and Majlis. Indian democracy is going in the opposite direction. The levers of the electoral process are in the hands of Brahmin-dominated, Hindu zealots. The RSS dream of Hindutva is in fact a Hindustan being ruled by Brahmins.

In a caste-stricken Hindu society, even the elected PM, being lower caste, finds himself being dictated to by upper-caste Brahmins. The RSS and BJP has taken Indian democracy into a blind alley. In the 1940s it was Hitler and today it is Modi following the same course of self-annihilation, blinded by Brahmin visions of supremacy. As Kashmiri Brahmin pundits, the Nehru family once dominated Indian politics.

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On the one hand they wanted to hold onto Kashmir despite overwhelming Muslim majority. It was Jawaharlal Nehru who tricked Kashmiri leader Sheikh Abdullah and Sikh leader Master Tara Singh with his secular sermons. Mohandas Gandhi, a Gujarati Vaishya Hindu, roped in the Dalits by calling them the ‘scheduled caste’ but their status in society never changed.

If RSS has its way, there will be a separate Brahmin state in the Indian subcontinent, together with Dalitistan, Khalistan, Unified and liberated Kashmir and another Muslim state with a population of around 200 million. Christians can decide for themselves how to end their victimisation in a caste-controlled Brahmin state. There are some lessons to be learnt.

Indira Gandhi, one of the most effective (and Brahmin) Prime Minsters of India was assassinated by her Sikh guards after she desecrated the Golden Temple. In private, Sheikh Abdullah too regretted his decision to side with Pandit Nehru in the division of the subcontinent.

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A historic correction is required, and perhaps a separate, contained Brahmin state for whichever supremacist would like it is in the best interests of the secular Indian Union. Let Brahmin zealots march under their svastika, and their pundits rule over their state like the Pope does the Holy See. One could even call it ‘Brahmin Desh’, and let the rest of India be at peace.

Dr. Farid A.Malik is the Ex-Chairman Pakistan Science Foundation. (Fr. General Manager PITAC, Process Engineering Manager Intel Corporation Engineering and Management Consultant). An expert on mining and energy, currently working on developing clean Coal Technologies for Thar Deposit. He was a Shadow Minister PTI and Co-Ordinator of the PTI Think Tank where the framework of the Welfare State was developed. The article was first published in The Nation and has been republished here with the author’s permission. The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect Global Village Space’s editorial policy.