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Thursday, May 23, 2024

A new trend of spat: #KoKo Korina drags more into feud

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After Mazari and Mustehsen scuffle, a new battle has emerged on social media between Mansha Pasha and Sadaf Kanwal. Mansha Pasha earlier took a jibe at women of the entertainment industry and had schooled them about having an appropriate sense of speaking.

She in her social media post said, “From stole my husband from my best friend and cheated on my fiancee, to jab Me Too hota hai ussi waqt kiyon nahi boltein, to quotes from Uncle Ben and your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. The women of this industry need to step up and learn to speak better.”

She was referring to Hira Mani, Sadaf Kanwal, and Momina Mustehsen respectively.

The tweet of Mansha Pasha actually came after the comment of Momina Mustehsen while addressing KOKO Korina controversy. Mustehsen wrote in reply to Mazari’s tweet, “Uncle Ben from Spider-Man said ‘with great power comes great responsibility’. Don’t let us down.”

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“From stole my husband from my best friend and cheated on my fiancée”, Pasha criticized Hira Mani who during an interview to Samina Pirzada told that she had stolen her husband (Mani) from a friend and got into a relationship with him while being engaged to someone else.

Pasha’s remark on ‘jab Me Too hota hai ussi waqt kiyon nahi boltein’ referred to model Sadaf Kanwal’s statement regarding #MeToo, on HSY’s talk show.

“You know aap ke sath #MeToo jab ho, tab bol do. Baad mein aap ko yaad araha hai #MeToo, So I think jab ho bol do. (You know, when you have a #MeToo incident, say it then. Why are you remembering it later? I think when it happens you should say it.)” Sadaf had said.

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Sadaf Kanwal did not let go of Mansha’s remarks and making a comeback, she posted on Instagram, “Hum apko kapray pehana sikhatay hain. Ap humain bolna sikhado. (We’ll teach you how to dress; you teach us how to speak).


It did not just stop there. Mansha Pasha clapped back to Kanwal in a rather dignified manner, saying,” I have no beef with anyone. We all learn from each other. I have learnt so much from my co-stars, peers, and seniors.”

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She further took a dig on Kanwal, adding, ”While we are all learning about clothes, makeup, hair and how to take perfect selfies, lets also learn how to talk about REAL issues that matter in REAL world.”

“As public figures, let’s not reduce ourselves merely to the clothes on our back and use our voice for good, “the actress said.

Social media users in the current spat seems to be seconding Mansha Pasha as it has not been the first time model Sadaf Kanwal has got herself into controversy. Her insensitive comments about #MeToo had already irked many in the industry as well as on social media.