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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Afghans urging UNSC to sanction Pakistan?

With the UN Security Council meeting due today, Afghan Twitteratis are demanding sanctions on Pakistan. According to them, Pakistan is supporting the Taliban for terror in Afghanistan. Amid the hate, one Indian social media user even accused Pak Army of disguising itself as the Taliban.

As per the recent Twitter trends, #SanctionPakistan is taking the social media platform by storm. Afghan Twitteratis are calling on the UN Security Council (UNSC) to take strict actions against Pakistan for allegedly supporting the Taliban.

The UN Security Council will hold a meeting today, on August 6th to discuss the worsening situation in Afghanistan. Indian PM Modi will preside over the meeting.

As the meeting is due to take place, Afghan Twitteratis want UN Security Council to sanction Pakistan. They are holding Pakistan responsible for the Taliban’s continued atrocities in Afghanistan.

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With #SanctionPakistan, one social media user shared a video of the Taliban setting a rug store on fire.


One Twitter user even called Pakistan a direct threat to Afghanistan. Another demanded that UNSC should designate Pakistan as a state sponsoring terrorism.

“Afghans are being killed on a daily basis by Pakistani proxy. UN Security Council must sanction Pakistan and designate the country as a state sponsoring terrorism to end the war in Afghanistan,” the Afghan Twitterati wrote.


Meanwhile, Twitteratis are calling former Canadian politician Chris Alexander the champion of the Afghan cause. Recently, he went on a tirade against Pakistan on Twitter which further fueled the trend.

Chris Alexander out-rightly blamed Pakistan for engaging in acts of aggression against Afghanistan through proxy wars.

Furthermore, he slammed Pakistan’s call for a ceasefire in Afghanistan. Labeling the ceasefire “meek”, Chris Alexander said it is not enough.

“Meek calls for a ceasefire will not be enough. The old approach is not working. Afghanistan needs bold new action from the UN Security Council, the US & the whole international community to end this Taliban onslaught.”

Indian social media users join the hate against Pakistan

In all the hate against Pakistan, Indian users too jumped on the bandwagon. Therefore, one Indian user accused Pak Army of disguising itself as the Taliban.

“Taliban is not just veritable arm of GHQ Rawalpindi, they are Pak Army in tribal wear,” the Twitter user wrote.

“Pakistan is the epicenter of terror-infested global jihad,” he further added.

An Indian activist too reported on a rally in California aimed against Pakistan.

“Afghans joined by natives rally in Sacramento, California and Paris, France against Pakistan-sponsored Taliban terrorism in Afghanistan, give calls to #SanctionPakistan,” she wrote.

Pakistan NOT sponsoring terror in Afghanistan

The government of Pakistan has certainly always been a strong supporter of peace in Afghanistan. As the chaos in Afghanistan directly impacts Pakistan due to the shared borders, the Pak government frequently called for a peaceful solution to the Afghan crisis.

Claims accusing Pakistan of sponsoring terrorism in Afghanistan were denied both by the Taliban and Afghan officials.

Recently, in an interview with an Indian channel, a Taliban spokesperson, Suhail Shaheen denied ISI supporting the group.

Calling it Indian media propaganda, Suhail Shaheen said there is no reality to such “baseless reports.”

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On July 27th, Torek Farhadi, a former Afghan government adviser, also denied claims of Pakistan sponsoring terrorism. During his interview, an Indian anchor claimed Pakistan is playing a double game in Afghanistan.

On one hand, Islamabad and Beijing are planning anti-terror actions for Afghan peace, but on the other hand, Pakistan is carrying out terrorist activities in Afghanistan. The anchor’s claims were then debased by Torek Farhadi who said he has not seen any proof of Pakistan’s terror activities in any credible news forums.

Furthermore, he also reiterated Pakistan’s desire for peace in Afghanistan and said Pakistan will put more pressure on the Taliban for negotiations.