AiSchedul vs. Combin- Which platform is better to auto-post on Instagram?

If you are wondering how many times in a day should you ideally post on Instagram? When it comes to Instagram, consistency is crucial. Brands that post two to ten times a day get the best results with their Instagram marketing efforts, according to data. The number of posts you publish should be determined by the amount of information you have to provide and the size of your audience. 


There are tools to help you with this! Two such tools are AiSchedul and Combin. These regularly post for you as per the schedule and thus help you increase and further gain engagement on Instagram. There are, however, certain differences between the two. Read on to know which one you should use and also for some details on the best places to buy Instagram followers which too might help you!


1. AiSchedul


AiSchedul is a comprehensive set of Instagram administration tools that allows you to manage several Instagram accounts at the same time, schedule posts and stories, and much more. It also comes with growth services, DM management tools, and an all-in-one bio link tool, all of which help you naturally build your Instagram followers. AiSchedul is more than just an Instagram scheduler; it also aids you in the majority of your Instagram marketing efforts. Thus it helps you gain engagement on Instagram. 


Using a full-featured, desktop-enabled editor, AiSchedul enables you to create narrative and feed posts. With simplicity, you can upload photographs, add emojis, effects, tags, and more. You may include several photos in your feed postings and preview them before they go live.


2. Combin


Combin is a desktop application designed to help you expand your Instagram followers in a secure and efficient manner. The software lets users search for possible followers’ profiles and posts using a variety of searches, as well as execute single and bulk actions. It helps combine systems for following, liking, and commenting in strict compliance with individual Instagram activity limitations and at a speed that does not raise suspicion. 


To help gain engagement on Instagram, the program runs directly on the user’s computer. It does not take uninvited activities on the user’s behalf, and allows for the analysis and filtering of ineffective interactions, as well as accounts that have already been engaged and previously unfollowed accounts. To increase growth, Combin does not employ or sell fraudulent accounts.


Apart from other Combine-unrelated elements, all results obtained after application usage are authentic and are dependent on the frequency and quality of user engagement with the appropriately targeted audience.


AiSchedul vs. Combin


To start with the pricing of Combin, 


Starter, Personal, and Business are the three programs offered by Combin. You can only manage one Instagram account with the Starter subscription, and you have a limit of 100 post actions per day, which means you may edit, schedule, and share up to 100 posts per day for free.


You can acquire statistics and view your scheduled tasks in the Personal subscription, which costs $10 per month, and you don’t have any constraints on post activities. However, you can only manage one Instagram account at a time.


Finally, if you choose for the business plan, all functions are unrestricted, and you may manage up to five Instagram accounts. This plan costs $30 per month, which is quite pricey when compared to other options.


However, for AiSchedul, 


Users can choose between two distinct plans offered by AiSchedul. Furthermore, it provides new users with a 5-day no-strings-attached free trial during which they may test practically all of the app’s functions and determine whether or not they want to pay for it. 


One of AiSchedul’s two plans is always free, but you can only use part of the features in this edition and you won’t be able to enjoy the full experience of the app. Furthermore, the other plan, which provides full access to all services, costs only $9 a month, which is a bargain when compared to other applications.


Which platform is better to auto-post on Instagram?


Combin may be a better choice if you want to monitor your DMs and manage your posts in one spot, but AiSchedul is a better choice for real if you want a post scheduler with a solid photo editor and the ability to automatically reply to comments. In terms of the price and the worth of features offered, AiSchedul is evidently the better choice. Another advantage that AiSchedul offers is that it runs without going through the hassle of installing a software. To conclude, AiSchedul is a fantastic program that provides the best functionalities for a reduced cost. To attain it all you need is a web browser to utilize it and gain engagement on Instagram.


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