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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Ali Zafar composes PSL anthem for third consecutive year

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Ali Zafar has composed a new anthem for the Pakistan Super League series for the third consecutive year. His anthem for PSL 2018 is titled Dil Se Jaan Laga De.

The multi-talented singer of Pakistan shared on his Instagram account a message with his fans and followers.

In his short video message, he said that he felt extreme pressure composing the song for the third season. Since the previous two anthems of PSL were massive hits.

He said it required a lot of brain-storming to compose a song.


Part 1/ #DilSeJaanLagaDe HBLPSL #cricket

A post shared by Ali Zafar (@ali_zafar) on


Part 2/ #DilSeJaanLagaDe #HBLPSL #cricket

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He said: “Two things that lie at the heart of our nation’s DNA are cricket and music and I am extremely fortunate to live these two passions in this lifetime.

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He further added that: “As exciting as it is to write, compose and to sing the official anthem for the third time, it was actually quite challenging given that last year’s anthem was such a massive hit”

The singer commented it was a dream come true when he heard the anthem playing everywhere. He now hopes to take that dream one step ahead. Hence this season’s song is a broader manifestation of that dream.

He further added saying, “I cannot explain how humbling it was to hear it play from every car, home and in every street when the final came home to Pakistan. “

In fact, when I was writing it, I wrote the entire chorus based on the vision, hope, and dream of cricket returning to Pakistan and we are very fortunate that it did!

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This year’s anthem takes that thought further and it is based on a celebration; that last year’s dream was fulfilled, that the PSL embraces the very essence of cricket and pride; that Pakistan and Pakistanis will take the Super League to the next level again this year.