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Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Alisha Chinoy endorses the sexual harassment allegations against Anu Malik

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Following singer Shweta Pandit, many other women have come forward with their set of allegations of sexual harassment against music composer Anu Malik. Singer Caralisa Monteiro is latest in the row claiming to have been subjected to Malik’s predatory behavior.

On the other hand, famous singer Alisha Chinoy has endorsed the concurring accounts of sexual harassment recounted by women against Anu Malik. Singer Caralisa Monteiro recounting her experience said that  “I’ve had a specific incident with Anu Malik. I had to tell him that I only work in a studio.

This happened almost 15 years ago when I was starting out. I never worked with him since.” She continued, “Anu Malik wanted me to come over to his place to jam with him. He was insistent that I came home as that’s how it was done. And I told him if you need me to sing a song, I’m a professional recording artiste, so I will meet you at the studio, take the brief and then track.

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So when I met him later, I went with my dear friend Clinton (Cerejo, singer), because I was uncomfortable going alone. Everyone knew the kind of individual Anu Malik was.” Alisha Chinoy, while supporting the victims stated that Anu Malik molested her twice during the recording of song Made in India in 90’s.

She stated that “Every word said and written about Anu Malik is true. I stand by all the women who have finally spoken up. May they find peace and closure in their lives.” Alisha Chinoy said she dragged Anu Malik and fought alone against him.

“When I sued (Anu) Malik, I fought it alone. It was an unprecedented landmark verdict and a restraining order was passed against him. The man has repeatedly begged for my forgiveness. I have chosen to forgive him and moved on,” Alisha said in a recent interview.

Alisha further pointed out that for years, Anu Malik was protected by his colleagues and family members. She said “producers and filmmakers like Sajid Nadiadwala, Sajid Khan, JP Dutta, Gulzar, and Rakeysh Mehra continued to work repeatedly with Malik, in spite of his reputation.

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Some of them must have definitely known about his reputation as the entire film industry, including his own nephews, composer Amaal Mallik, and singer Armaan Malik talk about it. Yet they turned a blind eye to his ugly behavior,” she said. Alisha affirmed the allegations and stated that Anu Malik is in habit of molesting young girls of his daughter’s age at his home.

“Shweta Pandit, who disclosed her horrific experience with Malik, is the niece of composer duo Jatin-Lalit. Malik has two daughters and all these years he has been preying on girls his daughters’ age. Many of them were attacked in his house with his wife and daughters present,” she said.

Another singer, Sona Mohapatra also alleged that Anu Malik and singer Kailash Kher as well of their sexual misconduct. She also claimed former a “serial predator”. With several popular names coming under the tide of sexual harassment allegations it seems that Me Too movement has finally swept the Bollywood.

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An aspiring singer from 90s also shared the horrific details of sexual harassment with Anu Malik. She accused Anu Malik of touching her inappropriately and rubbing his hands on the body. But when she expressed shocked over his behavior he apologized meekly. The survivor then again met Anu Malik at his home for a fundraiser at his home alone.

She stated that while sitting next to him, Anu Malik” simply unzipped his pants and asked me to lick him! I told him no and urged him to let me go, but he pulled me by my hair and stuffed my face in his lap, hurling abuses as he did so,” the survivor recounted. She added that a security guard tapped on the window and as he spoke to the guard, she ran.