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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Amir Khan fears turning into a woman if he did household chores

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Amir Khan’s recent sexist statement has somewhat painted a regressive picture of the boxer. 

In his interview with BBC Asian Network, Khan admitted that he fears to turn into a ‘woman’ if he does the household chores.

He also said that he expects his wife to cook for him once he is home from work.

While talking to another man who cooked for his wife, when she was at work, the boxer said, “I would never cook, in my culture, women, that’s their job to do the cooking. They’re [the] best at cooking.”

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He went on to add, “It’s a man’s job to actually do other jobs like the hard work, the hard labor jobs around the house.”

Khan also added that “I’ve got a dishwasher, washing machine, I’ve never actually known how to use these things. I would never touch that machinery, ever. You would turn into a woman. I’m a man. If I started dishwashing… “

When asked if he would turn into a woman if he used the machine, he responded by saying “Yeah”. 

Such controversial statements are not helping Khan as strives to improve his positive image among his follower that was shattered after a public spat with his wife Faryal Makhdoom in the past few months.

Twitter, however, strongly reacted to his statement.

This is not the first time Khan has made bizarre statements that show his regressive nature as recently he amazed everyone when he asked his mates on the reality show ‘I m a Celebrity..Get me out of here’ if there had ever been a female Prime Minister?

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After the shocking reactions of his campmates to his question, he backtracked and recalled Margaret Thatcher, but seemingly did know about Theresa May- the current Prime Minister of Britain.

He then said, “Don’t tell anyone” when he was reminded that the current occupant of 10 Downing Street is a woman.