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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Amir Khan feeds 12,000 families in Pakistan amidst lockdown

Amir Khan has asked affluent people in Pakistan to help needy and the ones who have lost their jobs amid coronavirus lockdown.

British-Pakistani boxer, Amir Khan distributed food bags among 12,000 families in Pakistan. He updated his followers about his charity work in Pakistan in the latest tweet.

Amir Khan is supporting hard-stricken communities from coronavirus in the UK and Pakistan. However, he said they have not forgotten motherland Pakistan in these testing times. His organization is already distributing food among various communities in the UK.

“We are doing a lot of work in England but we can’t forget our motherland Pakistan. We with the support of @AKFoundation give 12,000 families bags of food. Thank you all for supporting Amir khan foundation and those in need #Amirkhanfoundation #Charity #Pakistan @wbccares,” wrote Amir Khan in a tweet.

Amir Khan has asked affluent people in Pakistan to help needy who have lost their jobs amid coronavirus lockdowns. Because these large masses living in poverty are hard-hit by the pandemic coronavirus. Hence, it is the responsibility of people like him to help the poor to meet basic daily needs like food. Amir Khan went on to add that Ramadan is the best time to help the communities. Hence, he is also taking part in packing ration bags along with his volunteers.

Amir Khan leading charity work

Amir Khan, an athlete with deep pockets, has donated huge earnings to support communities and administrations in their fight against coronavirus. He pressed people to practice preventive measures of social distancing against coronavirus. He asked people to stay home and stay safe.

In March, Amir Khan donated Rs 40 million to Pakistan to help fight the novel coronavirus. Moreover, Khan offered his Islamabad boxing academy as a quarantine center for COVID-19 patients.

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“Amir Khan Foundation will make sure to distribute ration and other necessary things among the poor,” said Amir. Adding that, “I want to help the government of Pakistan as they assist the patients affected by a coronavirus.” Since coronavirus patients have to be kept in isolation, the gymnasium in his boxing academy would serve the purpose.

Amir Khan supports home country Pakistan in every possible way. Though living in the UK, he has expressed equal concern for Pakistan several times. In what he calls a payback to the motherland, Amir Khan has initiated key welfare projects in Pakistan.

Boxer Amir Khan offered to donate his 60,000 square foot, 4 story building to the National Health Services in the UK. So that it could be used as a quarantine facility for coronavirus patients. He made a benevolent offer in a bid to address the shortage of hospital beds for coronavirus patients in the UK.

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The boxer posted his picture standing in front of his expensive property. Moreover, he added that the building was to be converted into a wedding hall and retail outlet but he is happy to give his building to NHS to address the shortage of beds.

War against Coronavirus

A few days ago, Amir Khan delivered face masks, hand sanitizers, and drinks to NHA workers in the UK. British-Pakistani boxer, who believes coronavirus is ‘man-made’, declared war against the pandemic. The edited image showed Khan in the boxing ring throwing a heavy left hand towards a cartoon version of the coronavirus. He wrote, “Together we will knock out corona.”

Last month, British-Pakistani boxer in a video recorded message accused 5G towers of spreading coronavirus in the UK. He turned out to be a  believer in the conspiracy theory widely circulating on social media.

Amir Khan has been releasing messages for his followers regarding the global pandemic coronavirus. In his video earlier, he urged people to strictly follow safety guidelines to remain safe from coronavirus.

He also shared the picture of his newly-born son Muhammad Zaviyar on his Twitter account, with a message to encourage people to stay indoors to control the spread of coronavirus.