Another woman claims to be harassed, blackmailed by Usman Mirza

The couple in Islamabad were not the only victims of Usman Mirza as recently another woman has come forward and accused him of harassing and blackmailing her. Usman Mirza is currently under arrest for sexual harassment.

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Another woman from Rawalpindi claims to have been harassed, blackmailed by alleged culprit Usman Mirza who is currently under arrest in Islamabad.

Usman Mirza and his accomplices had been arrested after videos of them sexually harassing a couple went viral on social media. The disturbing videos of Usman Mirza intimidating the couple and forcing them to involve in indecent activities on-camera had shaken the social media users.


Now, another woman has come forward with the harassment allegations against Usman Mirza. She said Usman Mirza got her details; phone number and home address from social media. He threatened to show up at her home if she turned down his offer of “friendship.”

The woman said she filed complaints against him with FIA’s Cyber Crime Cell but no action was taken against him.

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Victims press charges against Usman Mirza

Meanwhile, according to media reports, Usman Mirza took 1.1 million rupees from the Islamabad couple after filming them for two and a half hours. The police have sought an extension in the physical remand of the suspects.

On the other hand, the victims have also decided to pursue the case against Usman Mirza. The details were shared by the government lawyer representing the couple in the case.

“Usman Mirza and accomplices have spent six days in remand and police have recovered two mobile phones and a pistol from the prime suspect’s custody,” the government lawyer said.

He added that the victims have recorded their statements before the magistrate sharing that the suspects received 1,125,000 rupees from the victims. “The suspects undressed the girl and touched her inappropriately during the video,” the lawyer said.

The lawyer further informed that section 375 has been added in the case which can lead to either life imprisonment or the death penalty.

Last week, Islamabad Police had confirmed the arrest of Usman Mirza, a man caught harassing a boy and a girl in a viral video. The horrific videos of Usman Mirza intimidating the girl and boy have shaken up the Twitter users who are demanding stricter punishments for Usman Mirza and his other accomplices in the video.

Police say the videos are few months old. According to the reports, Usman Mirza is a businessman who runs a car showroom in Islamabad. After recording their videos, Usman Mirza, allegedly blackmailed the couple and took money from the boy. The report says, he even raped the girl as well.

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Prime Minister Imran Khan also took notice of the case. He called IG Islamabad Capital Police Qazi Jameel-ur-Rehman and took the details of the case. Reports say PM Imran Khan had ordered IG of ICT to give exemplary punishment to the accused in the case.

Police said that the incident happened two months back when the prime suspect Usman Mirza with his accomplices barged into an apartment in Islamabad and shot an obscene video of the couple. Later they blackmailed the couple and demanded money. He threatened to leak the videos in case of non-compliance.





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