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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

APTMA Delegation Visits Uzbekistan to Strengthen Cotton Collaboration

APTMA is in Uzbekistan for a two-day visit to sign an MoU and other agreements with prominent Uzbek companies, fostering collaboration and growth in the textile sector.

All-Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA) is embarking on a two-day visit to Uzbekistan with a delegation comprising prominent members from various sectors. The visit is aimed at strengthening bilateral ties and fostering collaboration in the field of textile.

The Delegation

The delegation from Pakistan includes caretaker Chief Minister Punjab, Syed Mohsin Naqvi; Minister of Agriculture, Sheikh Muhammad Tanveer; CEO SINCO (FFBL), Maj Gen Shahid; Patron-in-Chief & CEO APTMA, Dr. Gohar Ejaz; Chief Secretary Punjab, Zahid Akhtar Zaman; Secretary of Agriculture, Iftikhar Ali Sahoo; and Secretary General APTMA, Shahid Sattar.

The MoU

APTMA Cotton Foundation and the Uzbek Scientific Research Institute of Cotton Breeding and Seed Production will sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) aimed at bolstering cotton research and development.

The MOU aims to foster collaboration between the APTMA Cotton Foundation and the Uzbek Scientific Research Institute of Cotton Breeding and Seed Production in the field of cotton seeds, crops, cultivar, and climate-smart practices. Both parties share a common interest in advancing research in these critical areas, and this strategic partnership seeks to leverage each other’s expertise and resources.

The MOU will focus on the following areas:

1. Research Program: A collaborative research program will be initiated between APTMA Cotton Foundation (from Pakistan) and the Center for Development of Seed Production. The two organizations will work together on various research initiatives, subject to the execution of a definitive agreement.

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2. Climate-Smart Varieties: APTMA Cotton Foundation expressed its need for “Climate Smart” high-yielding cotton varieties with medium to long and extra-long staple lengths (ranging from 30mm to 40mm). The Center for Development of Seed Production will modify Uzbek germplasm to suit Pakistan’s environment, incorporating tolerance to heat and CLCV, and introducing genes for resisting sucking pests, whiteflies, thrips, jassids, pink bollworms, and weeds (BG- I, BG-II, BG-III, RRF compatible variety).

3. Cotton Cultivar Development: The Center for Development of Seed Production will also embark on research and development efforts to adapt Uzbek cotton cultivars to meet Pakistan’s specific requirements, as outlined in the MOU.

4. Capital Investment: APTMA Cotton Foundation has pledged an initial investment of $10 million towards meeting the objectives of the MOU.

The MOU also includes provisions related to confidentiality, termination, and dispute resolution to ensure smooth collaboration between the parties.

The MOU serves as a framework for future definitive contracts that will formalize the collaboration and the terms of the targeted transactions and planned services.

The MOU will be effective from the date of its execution for a period of one year or until the parties execute the definitive agreement, whichever comes first.

The collaboration between Uzbekistan and Pakistan in the field of cotton research is poised to pave the way for advancements in cotton seed production and climate-smart practices, benefiting farmers and the cotton industry in both countries.

Agreement with Bukhara Cotton Textile

APTMA will also sign an agreement with Bukhara Cotton Textile to develop a new textile facility and upgrade the existing textile cluster in Bukhara, Uzbekistan. APTMA will provide financial investment, technical expertise, and support in marketing and compliance to international sustainability requirements. The joint venture aims to enhance the region’s textile industry, and the agreement is governed by the laws of Uzbekistan.

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Agreement with UTGIA

APTMA’s agreement with Uzbekistan Textile and Garment Industry Association (UTGIA) will facilitate cooperation and joint initiatives in the textile industry. The agreement includes objectives such as establishing a textile supply chain, promoting value-added products, capacity building, and enhancing compliance with international sustainability requirements. Both parties will share expertise and collaborate on training programs and marketing Uzbek textile products in the international market. The agreement will be converted into a full agreement within 60 days and is governed by the laws of the respective jurisdiction.

APTMA’s visit to Uzbekistan, along with the signing of the MoU with the Uzbek Scientific Research Institute of Cotton Breeding and the agreements with Bukhara Cotton Textile and UTGIA, demonstrates a strong commitment to fostering economic growth, capacity building, and ensuring compliance with sustainability requirements. These collaborative initiatives are well-positioned to create mutually beneficial opportunities and generate positive impacts on the textile sectors of both countries.