Hussain Zia

The writer is a retired Pakistan naval officer having served in various command and staff appointments. The latter mostly related to the development of strategic plans. His published books include, 'Muslims and the West: A Muslim Perspective', 'Pakistan: Roots, Perspective and Genesis', 'East Pakistan Separation: Myth and Reality' and 'Odyssey of a Pakistani Matelot'.

Politicization of Islam during Partition

At the time of partition, India had dozens of Muslim religious parties, mostly based on different schools of Fikah and sects. Initially, only a few of...

Political differences; was this the only reason for the separation of East Pakistan?

Most of the narratives about the separation of East Pakistan so far are centred on the premise that it could have been prevented if...

Who are Afghan Taliban and why the US won’t be able to defeat them?

K. Hussain Zia |The Afghans are not a nation as such but a composition of numerous tribes. These form loose groupings based on ethnicity....