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Thursday, February 15, 2024

BBC anchor supports Pakistan’s stance on Afghanistan, slams Christine Fair

BBC anchor supports Pakistan's stance on Afghanistan and slams Christine Fair's blames that Pakistan desire "instability it could manage". The anchor challenges the academic to prove her point that Pakistan is "risk accepted" and will use the refugee story as its usual rent-seeking strategy.

The BBC anchor supported Pakistan’s stance on Afghanistan and slams Christine Fair, an American academic for her overstated and baseless claims that Pakistan desire anything but peace in the country. The anchor supports Pakistan’s efforts in ensuring a peaceful Afghanistan which is conducive for the region and slams the academic for her allegations.

When the anchor asked Christine Fair, an academic having so-called expertise on Pakistan’s role in Afghanistan, about the likely condition to emerge in Afghanistan presumably that it is in Pakistan’s interest that stability should come and fighting should not continue, she immediately voiced typical negative propaganda about Pakistan’s role.

Pakistan’s stance on Afghanistan is “instability”, accuses Fair

“No, what Pakistan has objected for the last 20 years is the emergence of a stable Afghanistan that is opposed to Pakistan”

The anchor aired surprise at this statement and questioned Fair that an unstable Afghanistan would mean more refugees trying to get across the border to Pakistan and how that it is in Pakistan’s interest?

Fair replied that Pakistan has always treaded on perilous waters and “this is also the mess of which Pakistan is very good in paddling at. What Pakistan wants more than anything is instability it can manage.

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Pakistan’s stance on Afghanistan refugees is rent-seeking, blames Fair

Fair further blamed that Pakistan will use the refugee story as a part of its usual “rent-seeking strategy”. She added rather apprehensively that Pakistan “likes to be thought of as a fire brigade when Pakistan is in fact the arsonist”

The BBC anchor vindicated that Pakistan will of course “absolutely deny such allegations”. It is because if any country that had been adversely affected by Afghanistan’s instability or had faced the brunt of Afghan power void is Pakistan. The country is already hosting 3 million refugees on the top of economic difficulties and security concerns erupting from its western borders.

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BBC anchor challenges Fair to explain “instability it could manage”

The anchor urged Fair to explicate what exactly she means by her phrase, “instability it could manage”, by giving logical evidence to prove her point. The anchor asserts that if this is the plausible foundation of Pakistan’s stance of Afghanistan, then it is outrageously unbelievable as it is clearly a very risky strategy.

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Fair blames Pakistan for harboring terrorists is groundless

“Pakistan has always been risk accepted. There has never been a risk averse Pakistan, whether you are looking at incredibly outrageous terror attacks against India, or support of the Taliban 1990s and all that brought about  or the fact that the country harbors virtual padding zoos of terrorists to cause regional instability.

The anchor responded, “Christine as we do not have a Pakistani diplomat official to speak with us for they firmly deny that they have created the Taliban and they are the ones who pull their strings or are behind them”

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World appreciates Pakistan’s stance on Afghanistan

In a rare act of integrity, BBC news clearly defended Pakistan’s stance on Afghanistan by refuting Christine Fair’s allegations. Also, multiple statements by US State department, Russian officials, United Nation Chief, and many others, in fact the world is now appreciating Pakistan’s Afghanistan policy.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has reiterated multiple times that “we are partners in peace but not in conflict” which explicate that Pakistan remains adamant on an “inclusive” political settlement in Kabul which is beneficial for both countries and regional stability.

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