Beginner’s Bed Buying Guide: What To Consider When Mattress Shopping

So you’ve moved into a place of your own, and you’re slowly filling out what you need to fill out in each room. You’re probably here to find out how to get a fresh upgrade on your mattress without seeming all too new to mattress buying. It’s not too daunting of a task anyway, though you do need to think about and consider many factors that would go into buying the best bed that fits your wants and needs.

Maybe you’re even part of the population that needs to get a new bed and are just looking to get something better than what they had before – either way, you’re still looking to buy a new bed, and you don’t know where to start. But, of course, you probably already have some idea of where to start. So what we have just solidifies your ideas.

What Type Of Mattress Would You Like

You’re first probably going to turn to the internet and see the best or the top-rated mattresses and then formulate what you want from that. We don’t recommend this since you’re already starting to have your own bias when mattress shopping. So instead, search for the different types of mattresses you can buy.

What Level Of Firmness Would You Like

This is in relation to the type of mattress you’re buying. Keep in mind that one mattress type will be firmer or softer than the others, so we’re talking about the firmness in each mattress type. So, for example, the firmness level you’ll get in memory foam can’t even compare to the firmness level you’ll get with the traditional spring mattress.

If you’re thinking of a firmer mattress to sleep on, make sure you get to test out the mattresses you’re buying to get a better feel for them. Remember that the softest or the firmest doesn’t always mean they’re the best beds to go for – they could offer more problems to you rather than any benefit. Instead, try going for a more balanced mattress with just the right firmness and softness levels.

What Size Mattress Would You Like

You need to think about what dimensions would fit best for your sleeping style and comfort. It’s not advisable for overactive sleepers that flip about in their bed to get the narrower beds, right? To get good sleep, you would need enough space to allow yourself to toss-and-turn, which for some reason, a lot of people unconsciously do!

Think about the size of your room as well! You don’t want to be shoving in a queen-sized bed into your tiny room, it would needlessly take up too much space, and you wouldn’t have enough wiggle room to move around and navigate through your room. Not to mention how it would undoubtedly look mismatched, which then messes up the aesthetic of your room – that’s a double ouchie that nobody wants!

What Sort Of Health History Do You Have

This could range from the way you sleep to the things you do in your sleep and to your well-being. It’s not a good trip for anyone when you buy a bed that contains materials and components that you’re allergic to – since that’s just going to be a problem for everyone, including you! Do ask the helpers if they know anything about allergens with the mattress you intend to buy.

Your sleeping habits are also part of your health history in our case since we’re talking about sleeping and mattresses anyway! You could be a side sleeper that has never found any good sleep with firmer mattresses. The solution would be to sleep on a softer mattress. On the other hand, you could be a back sleeper that has experienced back pain recently, so you want something with good spine support. Find a mattress with a somewhere-in-between firmness! 

What Budget Do You Have

At the end of the day, when you feel like you’ve been thorough with your mattress shopping, the one thing that’s going to limit and finalize your purchase would be the price! Of course, buying a great mattress would be one of the best long-term investments you’ll make, but if you’re overspending on it, then that’s no good. So instead, try to find the mattress that suits your wants and needs that fall within the price range you can afford! 


There are plenty of other things that you still need to consider(which you can find out with a few simple searches) but if you’re just looking to keep it simple, then keep it to those five factors to think about. Like we said earlier, mattress shopping is quite a straightforward task to do, as long as you know exactly what you’re looking for!

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