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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

British vlogger Jay Palfrey embraces Islam after travelling to Turkey, Iraq

In a video titled- ‘I became a Muslim’- released on his YouTube account, he explained the circumstances that led to him embracing Islam.

British vlogger Jay Palfrey has accepted Islam, according to his latest video. Jay Palfrey said he embraced Islam as he found peace while researching and reading about the religion. In a video titled- ‘I became a Muslim’- released on his YouTube account, he explained the circumstances that led to him embracing Islam.

“I was originally not going to share this with you, but a lot of people have found peace and inspiration in my journey through researching Islam,” said Palfrey in the video. He said his visits to the Muslim countries inspired him to read and research more about the religion.


“As I traveled around the world, I met wonderful people. During my constant travels, I learned a lot and gained experience, but at the same time, I had the opportunity to understand spiritual existence, … While living in Islamic countries, I also came to understand the truth of Islam, which is a very beautiful, peaceful but most misunderstood religion,” he said.

Jay Palfrey released his video on August 21, 2020. The video has racked up 690,029 views so far. Palfrey has 546k subscribers on his YouTube account. He has also recounted his struggles – from encountering bullying at school to living under privation during his childhood.

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Palfrey said he worked hard to save enough money to travel across the world since he wanted to escape his depressing and negative surroundings in the UK. Palfrey said his trips to Muslim countries like Turkey and Iraq drew him towards Islam. During his stay in these countries, he learned about real Islam – that preaches oneness, unity, and peace.

Jay Palfrey said he began his research into Islam. He started reading books on Islam, listened to the Islamic scholars on YouTube, and even read the Quran. He said he traveled to Egypt where he met some incredible people that guided him more. Palfrey noted that the month of Ramadan this year was significant in his journey.

The British vlogger said he never felt this much peaceful, calm, and happy in his entire life. He thanked his fans and followers for pouring in love and appreciation for him.

In another video, he recorded the reaction of his mother when he told her that he embraced Islam. In his telephonic conversation, he told his mother that he took his shahada in a mosque in Istanbul, Turkey. Her mother cheered him for embracing Islam and expressed support for his decision.

Earlier this year, Canadian solo traveler, Rosie Gabrielle, embraced Islam following her long stay in Pakistan last year. Gabrielle posted her image in a white gown and headscarf with Quran in hand. In the caption of the image, she recounted her journey towards Islam.

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She asserted that the love and support received in Pakistan helped her to be free from the long-held pain. She traveled from Balochistan to Northern areas during her stay.

In her Instagram post, she narrated that she had denounced her religion four years ago since she did not resonate with what she was brought up with.