Bushra Ansari responds back at trolls after her dance video goes viral

Nowadays, judging people has become the new norm. People now have easy access to simply just sit behind a touch screen and form opinions about almost anything and everything. Bullies and trolls have been given a free pass to call out on public figures as a result of missing social media. They have become easy targets on large media platforms for people who have nothing better to do.

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At a wedding of Sultana Siddiqui’s son, a video of Bushra Ansari’s dance with Azaan Sami Khan to a Bollywood song came to light which soon went viral on all social media platforms.

While some users liked the video of the actress, some brought up her sister Sumbul Shahid’s death, and criticized her for celebrating at a joyous occasion.

Now, the actress has called out her haters in a long Instagram post.


“I was in deep grief for the last three months and that loss is going to be in our hearts till our last breath. Two days ago, it was a family dholki and all my friends were there – insisting on me getting out of the stress and my sadness. Just tried to be part of her “khushi” and got up for two minutes with Azaan Sami Khan to participate in their happiness,”

Furthermore she added sad see people’s reaction. they just want to see us unhappy cas we are famous and specially when somebody is over a certain pathetic”.

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The famous actress finally concluded her statement with, “If this is the only flaw being old, please change your thinking or treat your parents the same way. My comment about Islam was just about respect for other religions. I am not answerable to any faceless trolls because they never leave anyone even after wearing hijab.”

She shared, “Stop hurting people – it’s also not allowed in Islam.”

The versatile actress Ushna Shah also came to Bushra Ansari’s rescue saying that if our actress danced happily at a wedding a few months after her sister’s death, she should not face criticism for how she became happy so quickly because we are not aware of what a person is going through internally.

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We have one personal message for the haters Live and please let live!!