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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Bushra Maneka congratulates nation over Imran Khan’s overwhelming victory

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Bushra Maneka, the wife of Imran Khan has congratulated the nation over the overwhelming victory of PTI in GE-2018. She in her message stated that Imran Khan is a true leader who will protect his people.

Bushra Maneka said Imran Khan is a courageous leader who will take care of his people and will ensure a better future for them.  Bushra Maneka observing religious obligation covers her face and does not go unveiled anywhere. She reportedly delivered her message to reporters without facing the cameras.

“Today, Allah Almighty has provided you with a leader who would take good care of you. Your leader would shield you”, Manika told the reporter.

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Bushra Maneka is the third wife of Imran Khan who is a renowned religious scholar. Earlier, Imran Khan in his interview to an international media outlet stated that Bushra Maneka would not attend any official ceremony in case Pakistan Tehreek-I-Insaf win the elections and secures government. Imran Khan revere the lady for guiding him towards spirituality.

While his two former wives-Jemima Goldsmith and Reham Khan are popular figures, people have barely seen his third wife Bushra Maneka. Bushra Maneka has made rare social presence since her marriage with Imran Khan in February. Neither did she participate in the election campaign of Pakistan Tehreek-I-Insaf.

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Imran Khan’s former wives-Reham Khan and Jemima Goldsmith too gave their reactions to his win. Jemima Goldsmith was delighted over the phenomenal victory of Imran Khan and recalled failures, struggles and defeats Imran Khan encountered in his journey.

Reham Khan, however, clearly expressed her dissatisfaction and seemed disgruntled over the election results. After her divorce with Imran Khan, Reham Khan initiated a malicious campaign against Imran Khan. PTI chief, however, in his previous interview called his marriage with Reham Khan as the biggest mistake of his life.