IMF Denies Tax Increase Reports

Amidst speculation, the IMF denies plans for tax increases in Pakistan, providing relief amid the nation's ongoing economic recovery.

Government Announces Significant Cut in Petroleum Prices

Pakistan reduces petroleum prices by up to Rs14 per litre, responding to a significant drop in global oil prices.

Economic struggles and unemployment grips West Bank

The impact of the conflict is not confined to individual hardships but is resonating throughout the West Bank's economy.

$700 Million Loan Hangs in Balance as Pakistan Excluded from IMF Agenda Until Mid-December

Pakistan faces uncertainty as scheduling delays push IMF approval into mid-December, impacting the awaited $700 million disbursement.

Economy Shrunk Under PDM Govt: Reports

The NAC confirmed that Pakistan's GDP hit a 50-year low during the tenure of PDM coalition government.

Pakistan Eyes Tax Base Expansion with Military-Led Data Integration Committee

The objective is to elevate the number of income tax return filers from 4.9 million to 6.5 million within the next eight months.

Pakistan Stock Exchange Breaks 59,000 Points Barrier

The KSE-100 Index surged to 59,502.28 points, marking a significant gain of 603 points compared to the previous close at 58,899.84 points.

Energy Price Hike Looms as Caretaker Government Navigates IMF Agreement

Finance Minister Shamshad Akhtar underscored the necessity for robust financial reforms to fortify Pakistan's economy.

PSX Hits Historic Highs, Rupee Recovers

PSX KSE-100 index soared past the 57,000-point benchmark, registering a remarkable increase of 422 points.

Pakistan’s Soaring Debt Hits Rs78 Trillion, Sparking Urgent Calls for Restructuring

The previous fiscal year witnessed a record federal budget deficit of Rs6.7 trillion, attributed to expansionary fiscal policies.

Pakistan Stock Exchange Achieves Record High Amid Ongoing IMF Review

While the PSX reached new heights, PKR faced depreciation, reaching a five-week low at Rs287 against the US dollar in the interbank market.

World Bank and Islamic Development Bank join forces to boost MENA region

This collaboration is poised to bring significant change to the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.