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As we were going to press, the right-wing Hindutva government of Narendra Modi took the unprecedented step of ending Indian occupied Kashmir’s special status...

Imran Khan: From “Man on Container” to Prime Minister

On 18th August Imran Khan completes the first year as Prime Minister of Pakistan. His journey from days of street agitation to corridors of power offers an interesting glimpse into the man who may become one of the most important statesmen of the contemporary Muslim world, and perhaps soon a fit candidate for Nobel Peace Prize.

What’s next for US-Pakistan relations after Imran Khan’s US visit?

For proponents of the U.S.-Pakistan partnership, there’s much to be heartened about after Prime Minister Imran Khan’s recent visit to Washington. There were smiles and kind...

Another Fresh Start for US-Pakistan Relationship

Defense analyst and author examines the importance of PM Khan and the Army Chief’s US visit and breaking of ice in the almost completely suspended relations between US and Pakistani armed forces, but warns against over-promising on what Pakistan can do in Afghanistan.

India’s new lawfare on Kashmir and Pakistan’s strategic options

The head of the corporate and international practice of a leading law firm of Oman, explains how the recent ICJ decision on the Kulbhushan Jadhav case, has implications for India’s arguments of restricting Kashmir to the Simla Agreement.

Talking without facts: Tax issue or government expenditures?

Economist and renowned political analyst questions if governments of Pakistan have failed in tax collection or have not curbed their expenditures? Writing against the prevailing opinion, he suggests governments have focused on the wrong side of the coin and the incumbent government should actually be looking at ever-growing expenditures.

General Zia: The 10 Year Reign That Lost Pakistan’s Soul

General Zia served the longest term as President of Pakistan. His policies left a long-lasting impression on Pakistan as a whole and many say that the over 10-year reign was the period when Pakistan's soul was lost.

Gen Zia’s Crash & Return of Democracy: Reflections after 31 Years

Was it a technical failure in the C-130 plane or sabotage by powerful elements; did mangoes spontaneously explode or was there a release of nerve gas inside the plane? Thirty-one years on, there are no clear answers. Assistant Editor of Global Village Space argues how long after General Zia’s death, his impact continues to reverberate in Pakistan through his institutional and ideological legacy.

Rashid Minhas – Youngest recipient of Nishan-e-Haider

On August 20th, Pakistan remembers the youngest recipient of Nishan-e-Haider - Rashid Minhas - who embraced martyrdom in 1971. Minhas was honored as a national hero for preventing a PAF plane from being hijacked to India.

NISHAN-E-HAIDER – Gallantry award of its own kind

Nishan-e-Haider is Pakistan’s highest military gallantry award created sometime after the partition but is retrospectively initiated from 14th August 1947. GVS gives an overview of the award, its recipients and their tales of bravery and sacrifice for the motherland.

Swat Expressway: Modern gateway to ancient valley of romance & beauty

An overview of how the new Swat expressway launched in June 2019 will help the local traders in reaching out to international markets and tourists to discover the scenic beauty & mysteries of this ancient valley; often described as the ‘Switzerland of Pakistan.’

Pakistan’s Peculiar Water Scarcity: Role of Private Sector

GVS looks at how the private sector can help in addressing Pakistan’s water scarcity, which is largely due to water resource management and poor water service delivery. The article explains how the private sector can help through its water stewardship efforts, especially in the agricultural sector.