Long power shutdown is a signal of a serious crisis

A power crisis takes the country into darkness -what a black start to the new year! Global turmoil, massive internal instability from increased terror attacks, and political discord all bode for a challenging year ahead.

India overtakes China as the most populous country

The growing population has become a global threat as it is the root cause of numerous ailments in the contemporary world. India is among the eight countries expected to be responsible for more than half the projected increase in the global population by 2050.

GVS Exclusive: Khalid Mansoor discusses misconceptions over China’s CPEC investments

Editor GVS Dr. Moeed Pirzada is joined by Ex-Minister CPEC Authority Khalid Mansoor for an exclusive chat about developments that took place under the CPEC initiative and the misconception of special concessions given to Chinese investors.

India and Pakistan exchange lists of nuclear facilities and prisoners

705 Indian captives were listed as being detained in Pakistan, including 654 fishermen and 51 civilians. A list of 434 Pakistani captives in India, including 339 civilians and 95 fishermen, was also sent by the Indian government to the Pakistani envoy in New Delhi.

From pacifism to antagonism

Being a member of the QUAD, Japan’s military build-up will complement the US military deployed in the Indo-Pacific. In short, Japanese plans are a victory for the US-led world order, as they adversely affect Chinese ambitions in the Indo-pacific.

GVS Exclusive: Gen (retd) Tariq Khan discusses TTP resurgence & the way forward

General (Rtd) Tariq Khan was the ex-head of Pakistan’s western command and led Pakistan’s first Strike Corps at Mangla. He has also been the Inspector General of the Frontier Corps from September 2008 to October 2010.

China’s economy and end of zero-covid challenges for 2023

China has transformed a lot since its authoritarian leader Xi Jinping came to power ten years ago; it is now a physically and psychologically barred country, and this transition will have long-term effects on the rest of the world.

Afghan soil being used against Pakistan

Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan, which is not only aligned with the Afghan Taliban but also enjoys safe havens and freedom to operate there, has been responsible for the majority of recent bombings in Pakistan.

Why is CPEC stalling?

Expectations of CPEC have been high since its inception, but the impact so far has been underwhelming as CPEC faces major challenges in Pakistan.

Joyland: First Pakistani film to bag Oscar nomination

Joyland was announced in September as Pakistan’s official submission for the 95th edition of the world’s most prestigious film awards.

Bulging pension bill: A new circular debt

Pakistan’s pensions are increasingly unsustainable and becoming a gigantic liability for the country, already running at over 6% of the current budgeted expenditure for the government. Along with the power circular debt, they are the country’s unheeded crisis.

China’s failure in Pakistan is America’s victory?

Power centres in the nation have come to the realisation that they have no choice but to turn to the US and its allies because China is unable and unwilling to assist Pakistan. Pakistan's official policies toward China, Iran, Afghanistan, and India must be revised for the US.