Why insurance industry has not prospered in Pakistan: CEO UBL Insurers explains

Pakistan’s Insurance Industry is small as compared to its peers in the region with limited penetration in the market. Zeeshan Raza, CEO UBL Insurers, sits down with GVS team to explain the dynamics of the Insurance sector, what role insurance plays in a modern society and market, why this industry in Pakistan has not taken off, unlike in India and Bangladesh, and what role government and media can play.

2020 Oscar nominations: Which Best Picture will win?

With the annual Oscar awards in less than a month, GVS breaks down who among the nine Best Picture nominees could be taking home the top prize. From the box office juggernaut Joker to the sports drama Ford vs. Ferrari, we’re looking at the best 2019 had to offer in films.

Sacch: Pretty places, pretty people and nothing else

A film about two brothers falling in love with the same girl that suffers due to a bad script despite good music. This Hum studio film may be pretty to look at but has little to offer.

Knives Out: Murder by Hollywood’s finest

Rian Johnson's Knives Out is a wickedly entertaining murder mystery with an all-star cast of actors including Avengers' Chris Evans, Blade Runner's Ana De Armas, and Bond's Daniel Craig. A hilarious crowd-pleaser, Knives Out works because it has more than murder on its mind.