Where do Insurers stand in 2019?

The penetration of the insurance industry has been historically low but the insurance sector has seen impressive growth in the past five years. GVS conducts an overview of Pakistan’s half-billion-dollar non-life insurance industry as compared to India’s $24bn.

What CPEC & Takaful mean for Insurance Companies

Pakistan’s non-life insurance industry is projected to grow rapidly under the CPEC project as the Chinese are expected to insure many of their infrastructure projects and this is expected to generate a lot of volume for the insurance sector in areas where there was little activity before

Major Challenges to Insurance Industry

Lack of awareness around the importance of insurance poses a significant challenge to the industry and the business environment makes it difficult for the sector to progress. The article deals with major challenges to Pakistan's insurance agency and how they can be kicked to the curb.

Troubles Aplenty: Foreign policy challenges for Indian government

The author, who holds the Tata Chair for Strategic Affairs and is a senior fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, analyzes how Indian foreign policy has to evolve in the next four years to realize its role on the global stage, increase its economic prosperity & technological capabilities and protect its physical security.

Chitral’s Kalash Valley of Wine and Carnivals

Kalash, the beautiful Valley of Chitral holds the visitors prisoner to its beauty and festivities. Known for its beauty and old traditions it is one of the most visited places in Pakistan. The yearly Kalash Festival is worth a watch.

Rituals, festivals and gods of Kalash Valley

Vibes of joy and gratitude are felt all around Hindukush when girls go to the hillside for dances and singing. During festivals, new-born babies and their mothers are purified, the graveyards visited to remember those passed, tribal elders gather at hilltops to watch the rising sun of the new year, among many other rituals.

Future of Pakistani Film Industry & Need for an Identity

With Indian movies out of play in Pakistan, can Pakistani cinema fill the void? Pakistani romcoms have not been up to standard but there are certain flicks that intrigued people. Pakistani cinema has the capacity to amaze but the progress has been rather slow.

Adam Sandler’s New Film: Should you watch it?

News Desk | With the American box office stuck in a rut following Avengers: Endgame's seemingly endless worldwide reign, Netflix is hoping to cash into...

Chhalawa: We Watched It So You Don’t Have to

For some time now Pakistani filmmakers and media have been patting themselves on the back for seemingly reviving the entertainment industry. The resurgence of...

X-MEN DARK PHOENIX: A Mediocre Send Off To an Amazing Franchise

While the relationships among the mutants have proven to be one of the franchise's strongest suits in the past, here they seem contrived and bereft of the sincerity that made them so appealing.