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As we were about to go to print in June, Pakistan’s combined opposition had threated a massive agitation on the streets to bring down...

Pakistan’s Political Scene: Troubled Government and Divided Opposition?

Assistant Editor of Global Village Space discusses the malaise in the political system in which a troubled and ineffective government is faced by a disorientated and incompetent opposition, which has not yet deciphered the message that the country needs issue-based politics by a leadership untainted by corruption allegations.

Qatar & Pakistan building long term relationship

Prominent TV Anchor & Editor Global Village Space discusses the broader historical implications and the potential long-term relationship for both countries, after the visit of Qatar’s Emir to Pakistan. He encourages Pakistani decision makers to view Qatar as more than an LNG exporter, while delicately balancing Qatar’s new vision for the Gulf region with its old GCC partners.

Malam Jabba – Swat’s undiscovered heaven on a troubled Earth

Managing Editor Global Village Space analyses the bureaucratic workings which hold projects back. Malam Jabba with its pristine hilltops is a potential tourist heaven, but unless Pakistan reforms its bureaucratic working to ensure the security of contract, no meaningful investments will materialize.

Lawfare against Pakistan: coercion or self-inflicted wounds?

Head of international practice of a leading law firm in Oman explains the campaign of weaponizing the global legal system against Pakistan and the lawfare that it faces. He encourages the country to sharpen its tools for it. Otherwise, he warns, it will continue being in the eye of the storm again and again.

Pakistan stands tall at United Nations

Pakistan has been contributing heavily towards UN Peacekeeping missions to bring peace to World's war-torn areas. Since its first operation in 1960 in Congo, it has been on over 46 missions in 28 countries. The Assistant Editor of Global Village Space conducts an overview of Pakistan’s major UN peacekeeping force operations.

PTI handed a Poisoned Chalice to drink from

Chairman NAVTTC explains how the ill-thought-out extravaganza of the last government left behind a financial timebomb for the country, the management of which requires tough measures and sacrifices by all, as Pakistanis have to accept IMF’s cripplingly stringent terms.

Is PTI responsible for Pakistan’s economic mess?

Former Governor Sindh criticizes the PTI government one year on for still having no plan for the economy, asks where are the promised jobs and houses and the looted money it promised to bring back. He asks PM Khan to take responsibility for the failure of his former economic team.

Pakistan and US: Partners in new economic geography?

Ex-chairman Board of Investment looks at the visit of PM Khan to the US and suggests how both countries can broaden their bilateral relations to encompass economic transactions in the new emerging economic geography in South and West Asia.

Stagflation and it’s prevalence in Pakistan

The author argues why Pakistan needs a balanced monetary and fiscal policy response to tackle the issue of stagflation and policymakers need to move away from the neoliberal influence in which they use the interest rate to control inflation.

No Free Lunch: Pakistan’s rocky relation with IMF

Hussain Haider, an economic expert, analyzes where previous governments’ handling of the economy went wrong and how Pakistan has lived beyond its means for several decades.

No Free Lunch: Pakistan’s rocky relation with IMF

Is there an end to sight on Pakistan’s FX crisis. The economic guru was asked where he thought it was headed. Why we reached this position and how to get out of it?