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Summer heat is at its most intense and so is politics in Pakistan. Country’s opposition is threatening that it will come out on the...

Ehsaas program ready to fulfill needs of needy

Ehsaas is the biggest and the boldest program for the poor ever launched in Pakistan. Under Ehsaas, the poor will be helped to find better prospects. But is it an actionable path? Is Ehsaas an applicable program in Pakistan? Should Pakistani government be focusing on resolving bigger issues? Questions by analysts plague Ehsaas.

Ehsaas Program: An inspirational and bold move by Imran Khan?

Why the Ehsaas Program, recently launched by the Imran Khan government, is an aspirational and bold move by the PTI government: Dr. Sania Nishtar explains in a detailed discussion in an exclusive discussion with the Managing Editor GVS, Najma Minhas.

EHSAAS: A so-called welfare program

On 27 March, the Prime Minister launched a welfare program called ‘Ehsaas’ (or care), to uplift the vulnerable sections of the population to ‘reduce...

House cleaning the economy – Dr. Kamal Monnoo

What is needed today is for the government to stop liquidation of markets and instead focus on seeking revenues through growth. For a meaningful investment to happen in Pakistan and for businesses to flourish, ease of doing business is imperative. Economic managers need to move beyond the IMF agreement and assess why the economy is in shambles.

PTI government signs on with IMF – An unavoidable imperative

A former investment banker who has worked in London, Hong Kong, and Karachi explains why PTI had no option but to go to the IMF. He warns that the 2019 budget will bring no magic bullet and tough reforms are the only way for Pakistan to get on the sustained growth path.

Soccer emerges as potential icebreaker for Gulf crisis

It was on the soccer pitch that 2022 World Cup host Qatar definitively shrugged off the UAE-Saudi-led economic and diplomatic boycott of the Gulf...

Vote for Modi became a vote for ‘India’: Indo-Pak Relations?

The Indian Lok Sabha election conducted from 11 April to 19 May is finally over. The results announced on 23 May show that 60.37...

Afghan peace talks: Risks & opportunities in evolving geo-strategic paradigm

Afghanistan lies in a region where its geopolitical and strategic position renders it very important to the world powers. America stayed in Afghanistan for a long time to keep a check on regional stakeholders such as China, India, and Pakistan. The recent withdrawal of US forces from the area and the initialization of peace talks in Afghanistan opened up chances for many countries to strengthen their ties with the country.

Imam Khomeini’s impact on Islamic Revolution of Iran & Muslim World

Exclusive Interview: Iran’s Ambassador to Pakistan Ambassador Mehdi Honardoost sat down with GVS Editors to reflect on Imam Khomeini’s vision of Islam on the eve of Imam's 30th death anniversary. The ambassador gives an overview of US-Iran tensions now almost 40 years old and growing fault lines across the Middle East.

Imam Khomeini & Revolution: 30 years on…

Many political changes, upheavals of one or the other kind, throughout the twentieth century have often been referred to as: “revolutions”. The term has...

9/11 & Mumbai attacks were inside jobs: a detailed analysis by Elias Davidson

Most in the west may see German author Elias Davidson as he describes in his own words: “an idiot conspiracy theorist”, but he defines...