WATCH: Meteor lit up night sky of Turkey

Remarkably, authorities have yet to offer an official explanation regarding the origin of this celestial visitor. The event occurred shortly after the conclusion of the Perseid meteor shower, which graced the night sky between July 17 and August 19.

Khan’s ouster: A soft coup?

Imran Khan has become the first Pakistani PM to be ever removed by a vote of No Confidence in parliament. And it was no...

Video: Pakistan finance minister won’t like to see his statement on petrol

Miftah Ismail's January statements on petrol price hike has gone viral on social media as public anger peaks.

WATCH: Police shell hits face of Hammad Azhar, leaves him injured

Police shelling leaves Hammad Azhar injured. Hammad Azhar is leading a rally from Lahore to Islamabad.

WATCH: Imran Khan gets on his container to lead Long March

Imran Khan gets on his container to lead Long March to Islamabad from KP. Imran Khan waived flag of Pakistan.

Ousting Imran Khan biggest mistake: Aftab Iqbal warns in live video

Aftab Iqbal wholeheartedly expressed his feelings on the removal of Imran Khan. He said he never expected that he would be so aggrieved on his ousting.

Pet lion attacks minor in Gulberg, Karachi

Pet lion attacks minor boy in Gulberg, Karachi. The video goes viral on Social media leads to a police investigation.

Child died in desperation of rabies vaccines in mother’s lap

Co-chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari was slammed on social media after the horrific incident of the 11-year child died of rabies in Larkana surfaced on...

Eggs Are Not Just For Eating – Other Amazing Facts

Eggs are a great source of affordable, high-quality protein. More than half of an egg's protein is found in egg white with vitamin B2...

ATM robber in a viral video died during police interrogation

Salahuddin Ayubi, a brazen ATM thief mysteriously died in the police custody after being caught red-handed while breaking open into the ATM in Rahim...

From Yahoo to Uber, major hacks of data

AFP | The European Union's new data protection rules, which take effect on May 25, will give people more control over the way their personal...

Largest leak in Facebook history

The UK is seeking a warrant to search the servers of Cambridge Analytica, accused of helping Donald Trump to win the presidency. The data of...