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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Changan Blue Core Racing reigns supreme at CTCC 2021

The Blue Whale racing team dominated the event even clinching the most sought-after NGCC Cup. The year-long season saw Changan snatch victory after victory.

Changan Blue Whale racing team has won the China Touring Car Championship (CTCC) 2021. It was Changan Auto Blue Core Racing’s first appearance in the highly watched event.

CTCC event

The CTCC is the premier professional track racing event in China. The event attracts great attention from car manufacturers, motor-sporting fans, and enthusiasts in the country.

The Changan Blue Core Team, in its debut year, was able to take home the NGCC Cup, which remains the most hyped event of the CTCC.

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The TCR Auto Series concluded successfully on the 21st of November after almost a year of competitive racing across four circuits of the Shanghai International Circuit. These include the Shanghai Circuit, Macau, Guia, and the Zhuzhou Circuit.

NGCC category

According to the event’s requirements, the NGCC category must be a front-wheel prototype vehicle sold in the Chinese market. This means that the NGCC participant racing machines are the closest to a production-grade car.

Wan Jicun recorded the fastest lap of the race at two minutes and thirty seconds.
The Changan Blue core team had credited the win to the drivers’ brilliant performances and their excellent technology.


Winning all of the contests, Changan Blue Core Racing Team throughout the whole season performed exceptionally, taking several of the titles up for grabs during the year-long season. The Changan Blue Core Team clinched the best driver award at the Shanghai Circuit.

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The team also won the NGCC Cup 1.5T area championship and the Drivers plus Manufacturers cup at the Hunan Zhuzhou International Circuit.

In the event, the participating Changan Eado Plus Sedan was powered with a NE 1.5T high-pressure engine with a direct engine injection.

The high-tech racing sedan also featured an upgraded combustion system, compression ratio adjustment, and an optimized cam profile, among others.

The technology-laden driving machine offered an enhanced driving performance with its X-Pedal fuel injection control technology.

An increase of about 185hp was witnessed as a result of the enhancements, and According to Changan, a reduction of 0.3 liters per 100km in fuel consumption was also achieved after the up-gradations.