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Sunday, April 14, 2024

CNBC’s Hadley Gamble slammed sexist allegation of seducing PM Khan

While Hadley Gramble gathered appreciation for her impressive interview with Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan, a social media user named Doreen Kiani accused Gamble of attempting to seduce Imran Khan by showing her legs. Gamble, however, dismissed the boorish comment with humour.

CNBC interviewer, Hadley Gamble, received sexist remarks on social media for adorning a short dress while interviewing Prime Minister Imran Khan at the sidelines of the World Economic Forum Summit.

A social media user dropped a snarky comment below a small clip from the interview shared by Hadley Gamble’s team on Twitter. While Hadley Gramble gathered appreciation for her impressive interview of Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan, a social media user named Doreen Kiani accused Gamble of attempting to seduce the Prime Minister by showing her legs.

Gamble, however, responded with humour by saying PM Khan is too old for her. Meanwhile, she received messages of encouragement from Pakistani social media users who appreciated her work and asked her to overlook derogatory comments.

A score of Pakistani female social media users argued that what a woman wants to wear is her decision and no one has the right to question her choice. They slammed archaic belief systems that restrict women’s freedom and even undermine her success.

Hadley Gamble is a prominent American journalist who works for CNBC. She is based in Abu Dhabi and has several times reported for the World Economic Forum Summit.

The talented journalist has racked up significant Pakistani followers on Twitter following her interview of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

PM Khan’s interview with Hadley Gamble

In his interview with Hadley Gamble, Prime Minister Imran Khan spoke about the Kashmir issue and warned the international community about the dangerous outcome of rising extremism in India.

When Gamble asked the ex-cricketer now Prime Minister who his current favourite cricketer is, Khan said he has not watched cricket ever since he assumed the premiership.

He is grossly occupied with work that spares him no time to keep up with cricket, besides newspaper headlines, but that he has heard a lot about spectacular performances by England’s cricketer Ben Stokes.

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He discussed the economic crisis, his campaign against corruption, and his tough exercise to stablise the economy of the country.

Khan briefed the government’s plan to promote industrialization and generate wealth in the country. He also encouraged international investors to come to Pakistan and assured his government’s full support to bolster their investment plans in the country.

He mentioned that Pakistan, through years of grilling effort, has reinstated peace and stability back in the country. 2019 was the safest and peaceful year of Pakistan after 9/11 that reflected in heightened tourism that doubled in one year, according to Khan.

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He mentioned that Pakistan’s security forces have paid a huge price in the war against terrorism and militancy. He credited the unanimous decision of all the Pakistani political parties to deter armed militias in the country in 2015. Further added that Pakistan is making efforts to disarm the militias and rehabilitate them into mainstream culture.

He reiterated that Pakistan’s tourism sector holds immense untapped potential to uplift Pakistan’s economy. Speaking on the matter, Khan informed Hadley Gamble that his government is chalking out a comprehensive plan to promote religious tourism in Pakistan, with the north of Pakistan serving as the epicenter of Gandhara Civilisation.