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Sunday, November 26, 2023

DG ISPR & Sana Bucha: A long quarrel that DG ended with one tweet

DG ISPR ended continuous derision from former journalist Sana Bucha in a one-time response. Asif Ghafoor slammed her while keeping the integrity of his post and organization intact. On the other hand, social media users praised DG ISPR for retorting and slammed Sana Bucha for firing up unprovoked vile propaganda against Asif Ghafoor and armed forces.

DG ISPR Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor, and former anchorperson, Sana Bucha traded distasteful remarks in a Twitter spat.

Asif Ghafoor shot back at Sana Bucha following her multiple repugnant tweets goading him for a harsh response. He schooled Sana Bucha for incessantly disdaining him and the armed forces in her tweets in the past few days.

Sana Bucha had been jeering DG ISPR and armed forces with abhorrent remarks that finally prompted a stern response from DG ISPR.


Though, Asif Ghafoor deleted his actual responses but schooled Sana Bucha on the unprovoked denigration of armed forces.

Earlier, Sana Bucha derided Asif Ghafoor on his retaliatory tweets. Asking Asif Ghafoor to be mindful of his reaction and do not mess with her.

DG ISPR schooled her that he did not take down his tweets in fear but out of respect for journalistic ethos. Reminding her that it was she who started a war of words on social media with abysmal, tweets targeting armed forces.

He posted the images of cynical remarks of Sana Bucha on his tweets on various occasions.

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He asked Sana Bucha to review her below the belt tweets that prompted him to react. Adding that, now it’s up to her to decide if she wants to continue or stop the confrontation, warning her that he will retaliate in the future as well.

Sana Bucha ended the verbal spat with a one-line tweet, thanking him for keeping up with the integrity of his post and organization.

Meanwhile, DG ISPR racked up appreciation on social media for showing restraint and ending the spat. Twitter users appreciated DG ISPR for rising above petty gimmicks and exuding sanity.

Negative Twitter trends against Sana Bucha flourished on Twitter. People mocked former journalist for resorting to attention-seeking
antics through engaging in debate with DG ISPR.

Smashing vile propaganda

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They asked DG ISPR to disregard her ill intention tweets. DG ISPR did not respond to her tweet.

Meanwhile, DG ISPR also slammed Taha Siddiqui who lashed out at him for tweets targeting Sana Bucha. DG ISPR tweets were obscure and did not target her directly.

Siddiqui informed him that they have informed his insolent tweets to Twitter. Asif Ghafoor informed that Twitter did not take any action against him because he did not violate Twitter laws.

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However, DG ISPR is an active social media user, who has been at the forefront in busting the propaganda by enemies. Several times he resorted to preemptive measures alerting the nation and global audience of the vindictive intentions of India to target Pakistan.

From addressing key press conferences through his tweets, DG Ghafoor takes a sturdy approach to smash the vile propaganda from India and libelous targets on armed forces within the country.