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Monday, July 15, 2024

Movie on Abhinandan Varthaman: DG ISPR reminds India of reality!

As Bollywood announced a movie on Abhinandan Varthaman, DG ISPR reminded them of the realities of the sham Balakot strike. In a sturdy message, the assault on Pakistan can only be achieved in dreams.

The accomplished Indian directors, Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Bhushan Kumar have confirmed a movie on Indian Air Force’s Balakot strike in Pakistan. The movie will also depict the capture and subsequent release of Indian Air Force pilot, Abhinandan Varthaman.

Abhishek Kapoor will be directing and writing the movie. However, the lead actor who will be playing Abhinandan Varthaman in the movie is yet to be announced.


Bollywood director, Sanjay Leela Bhansali, described the movie a tribute to the valor of the Indian Air Force. Bhansali Productions wrote, “A story that celebrates the accomplishments of The Indian Air Force #2019BalakotStrike.”

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Bhushan Kumar also took to social media to announce the news. He wrote: “A story of grit, determination, and valor! Proud to announce #2019BalakotAirstrike, a tribute to the brave hearts of our country. Written & directed by @Abhishekapoor”, in his Twitter post.

Indian actor, Vivek Oberoi, had also announced a movie on Balakot strike. Oberoi affirmed that the movie will celebrate the valor of the Indian Air Force.


“As a proud Indian, a patriot, and a member of the film fraternity, I have to highlight what our Armed Forces are truly capable of. In the form of a trilingual, this film is a powerful tool to underline the achievements of brave officers like Wing Commander Abhinandan, who went behind the enemy lines and did what makes every Indian proud of them,” said Vivek.

The news has spawned reactions on Pakistan’s social mediascape. DG ISPR, Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor reminded Indians the actual woeful consequences smashed them in the aerial dogfight between Indian Air Force and Pakistan Air Force in February earlier this year.

Initiated by India, Pakistan armed forced finished the mini combat with triumph. The tension escalated when Indian Air Force jets violated the air space of Pakistan and reached Balakot, in the night before the d-day of February 26th.

Pakistani Air Force jets swiftly chased off Indian jets from Balakot, perturbed with the confrontation by PAF, Indian jets instantly reverted, dropping off the payloads of their jets in haste in Pakistan.

The next day on February 26th, Pakistani jets crossed the LOC in Kashmir- part of the Swift Retort Operation. Two Indian jets again breached the LOC of Pakistan while chasing off PAF jets. As a consequence, the Indian jets were shot down upon violation of LOC.

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In the entire episode, India suffered two jets, a death of one Indian air force pilot and the capture of Wing Commander, Abhinandan Varthaman. Abhinandan Varthaman, who was flying one of shot down Indian jets, had survived the crash and fell into the Pakistani side of the LOC. Upon his descent, he was assaulted by the people but was soon rescued by Pakistan Army and taken into custody. He was released two days later as a peace gesture by Pakistan, was handed over to the Indian authorities on Wagah Border.

Meanwhile, the incident sullied the reputation of Indian Armed forces, they continue to celebrate Abhinandan Varthaman as their national hero. They have even awarded him the Vir Chakra. After a gap of a few months, Varthaman resumed his professional service at IAF.

Bollywood’s warmongering

Surprisingly, the jingoism and warmongering sentiments of the ruling party BJP is getting assimilated in Bollywood as well. The trend of producing ultra-nationalistic and ethnocentric movies is mounting in Bollywood.

Movies like Padmaavat, Uri, Panipat, Kesari with Ajay Devgan’s movie ‘Tanhaji’ in the pipeline also Bard of Blood – the Netflix series and their apparent success exudes the deliberate campaign to indoctrinate the Indian minds towards nationalism from secularism and breed anti-Pakistan sentiments.

With deeply embedded ethnocentric sentiments, these movies glorify Indian historic warriors, derides the Muslim rulers as violent, uncivilized, demonic and blood-thirsty conquerors. They even distort facts in veneration of the Hindu religion and their culture.

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Disparaging Pakistan is another cherished trend in Bollywood. With many Bollywood actors overtly advocating the ban on Pakistani artistes in the Indian entertainment industry. Indian movies characterize Pakistan as a terror-breeding country, with its armed forces conspiring terrorism across in India, while India armed forces, the protagonists, spearhead the pro-peace moves.

Hence, DG ISPR Asif Ghafoor again reminded Bollywood the facts of the sham Balakot strike adding that overpowering Pakistan is only possible in fictions now.