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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Dissension on PM Modi within India increase after assault on students

Social media saw an outrage after disturbing videos of assaulting students in New Delhi and Uttar Pradesh floated on Twitter. PM Modi and Delhi Police are under fire for making abhorrent attempts to quell the demonstrators with force.

Delhi Police and India’s law enforcement agencies are under heavy dissension on social media as videos of the brutal assault on the student protestors of Jamia Milia Islamic University, New Delhi and Aligarh Muslim University against the Citizen Amendment Bill circulated on Twitter.

India and Pakistan’s social media is in anguish after jarring videos of Police baton charging and mercilessly assaulting the student protestors hit the social media. The students were protesting against the CAB bill when New Delhi Police attacked the protestors.

Police set up the protestors with violent means of arresting and tear-gassing to quell the demonstrators. Several students of AMU reported that Police initiated a crackdown against the male and female students late at night in the hostel. The Police barged in the rooms of the students-arrested and sexually assaulted them. Videos of student choking after tear-gassing at the AMU were shared on social media.

An ambulance driver in a video message asserted that Police are hindering the ambulances to take the injured students to the hospital for treatment.

NDTV reported that Police stormed the Jamia Milia campus of New Delhi, harshly beat also the non-participating students. They dragged them out and smacked them on road.

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The disturbing accounts of perturbed students, videos of police smacking and vandalizing the properties of students spawned reaction on social media; social media divided into two fractions with one calling out the despotic regime of BJP, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Indian Home Minister, Amit Shah.

Dissension on PM Modi and the BJP government have intensified within India following the massive crackdown on students in New Delhi and Uttar Pradesh. The critics, of PM Modi, have declared BJP not only anti-Muslim but also anti-India.


Analysts believe PM Modi’s surgical strike on Muslims has set India on fire; protests, demonstrations, chaos, and loss of human lives has currently engulfed India. To suppress the dissent is the expression of fascism, claims Indian analysts and journalists.

In the latest tweet, however, PM Modi has condemned the widespread protests against the CAB across India. He, however, asked people to maintain peace and unity in the distressful situation.

In the past few hours, India has become one of the dangerous countries to travel in the world; many countries have imposed restrictions on their citizens to travel to India.

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Meanwhile, Bollywood actors also came under fire, who have remained silent in the face of brutalities on students. The inflamed Indians censured notable Bollywood celebrities for choosing to be Modi’s advocates in the face of the crisis.




Will Modi’s government give ear to the warnings of the analyst that condemns the use of force against students-the future of India. There exist marginal hope that social media’s hue and cry will enforce Modi to rescind the CAB.