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Monday, July 8, 2024

Esra Bilgic humbled by PM Imran Khan’s appreciation for Dirilis Ertugrul

"If we didn’t have a pandemic upon us, I would have visited Pakistan several times by now,” said Turkish actress Esra Bilgic while cherishing appreciation from Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Turkish actor Esra Bilgic says she was overwhelmed when PM Imran Khan praised the Turkish serial of Dirilis Ertugrul.

In her interview with a Pakistani publication, Esra Bilgic said she was enthralled when she heard Imran Khan praising the serial on Turkish TV channels.

Esra Bilgic expresses joy over praises from Imran Khan

Esra said: “When I saw the Prime Minister Imran Khan of Pakistan on Turkish news channels, saying that a successful project such as Ertugrul should be aired on their local channel.”

“I felt surprised and proud at the same time. If we didn’t have a pandemic upon us, I would have visited Pakistan several times by now,” she added.

Esra Bilgic expressed her happiness over receiving humongous praise and appreciation from Pakistan since the broadcast of Turkish serial, Dirilis Ertugrul on PTV.

She recently appeared on the covers of the Pakistani magazine. The glamorous actress shared the picture of the cover page of the magazine on her official Instagram account.

Esra Bilgic had an exclusive photo-shoot for the June edition of the Pakistani magazine ‘HELLO’. It is the first time Turkish actress Esra Bilgic has appeared on the cover of a Pakistani magazine. The actress expressed her delight in working with people in Pakistan.

“Hello! Pakistan June digital issue is out and I’m on the cover! Thank you to my all team,” wrote Esra Bilgic on Instagram.

The magazine also shared glimpses from the phenomenal photo-shoot of Esra Bilgic held in Istanbul, Turkey. Esra Bilgic had collaborated with any Pakistani magazine for the first time, said the Pakistani magazine.

Esra Bilgic said she is excited to meet her fans in Pakistan. She is the famous Turkish actress famous for her character of Halime Sultan in the Turkish serial, Dirilis Ertugrul. Earlier, she expressed her wish during the exchange of comments with a Pakistani fan on Instagram.

Esra Bilgic excited to meet her Pakistani fans

Pakistani fans swarmed her Instagram account with messages of love and appreciation when she posted her endearing picture.

In her comment, she thanked the love and appreciation she is receiving in Pakistan. “I would like to say thank you with all my heart for your precious compliments. Your support makes me happy.” To another comment, she said, “lots of love from me to Pakistan.”

A Pakistani fan informed how the serial Dirilis Ertugrul smashed popularity records in Pakistan. Pakistan’s state-owned television, PTV has been broadcasting the serial in Urdu dubbing since Ramzan this year, upon the request of PM Imran Khan.

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Initially, Pakistani fans of Dirilis Ertugrul started moral policing Turkish actors Esra Bilgic (Halime Sultan) and Engin Altan Duzyatan (Ertugrul) on Instagram for following western culture in real life.

The Pakistani fans — inspired by the exquisite representation of Muslim characters played by these actors on screen — rushed to their social media accounts. But the western lifestyle of Turkish actor disappointed Pakistani fans.

Imran Khan’s call for Dirilis Ertugrul

Last year, PM Khan had requested the Pakistani youth to watch the Turkish serial ‘Dirilis Ertugul’-Resurrection. To study the rise of Turks and their glorious rule in Europe for centuries. He insisted that all the five seasons of the serial should be dubbed in Urdu for the Pakistani audience.

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His calls for the broadcast of a Turkish show on a Pakistani television pan out from a tri-nation pact between Malaysia, Pakistan, and Turkey. They united to counter Islamophobia and restore the honor of Muslim Ummah globally.

Imran Khan asserted that Muslim children fantasize about the western idols yet are clueless about their history and great Muslim leaders. Hence, he asserted on the importance of Adding that, the young generation must be taught about their past so they can take pride in their identity.