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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Ex-Mi6 chief blames ISI for Taliban victory

The ex-M16 chief blamed Pakistan’s intelligence service ISI for its support and backing to the Afghan Taliban as they gained control of Kabul at a speed no one predicted.

The Ex-Mi6 chief blames Pakistan for supporting the Taliban as they made unprecedented swaths to Kabul. He claims that Pakistan needs to face “tough questions” on Taliban’s victory which no one predicted could be so swift and unmatched. The former head of M16, alleged Pakistan’s intelligence service for backing Taliban as they could not have completed their stunning takeover without its support.

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Thus, Sir Richard Dearlove, the Ex-M16 asserted that Britain should be asking “tough questions” to the Pakistan’s government regarding the alleged involvement of the ISI military intelligence in the Taliban’s takeover of Kabul.

“Taliban’s actions speak louder than word,”. says Con Couglin

According to a confidential United Nations Document, Taliban militants who are in charge on Kabul will now hunt for people who worked with UK, US and NATO Forces. Though the Taliban after their first press conference this week showed their more reasonable and considerate narrative over governing the country, Con Couglin claims that their words should be taken with a pinch of salt.

As Afghanistan celebrated its 1919 independence yesterday, many protestors took to streets to object the Taliban rise to power again. The Telegraph reported numerous Afghans being open fired by the Taliban fighters and a group said in a propaganda film that they have deployed an elite unit boasting high-tech equipment.

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Amid the panic and chaos, many British personnel are planning evacuation and 900 British military officials are undertaking desperate airlift mission. The crowd outside Kabul airport manifest the desperation of the people to flee the country and the open firing shown by the video highlight how Taliban and US fighters attempt to disperse the sea of desperate souls.

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A tragic incident took place when an Afghan teenage footballer, aged 19 died after being trapped in the landing gear of the US evacuation flight as he clung to the wheel of the US C-17 military plane as it took off from the Kabul’s Hamid Karzai International Airport. He feared that Taliban would “crush his dreams” and fleeing was the only option.

Taliban should be given space, claims British army chief

The head of the British army, Nick Carter told the BBC on Wednesday that the world should demonstrate patience and give the Taliban every space to form a new at Kabul. Also, the West needs to discover that insurgents casted as militants for decades have become more reasonable.

“We have to be patient, we have to hold our nerve and we have to give them the space to form a government and we have to give them the space to show their credentials,” Carter told the BBC. “It may be that this Taliban is a different Taliban to the one that people remember from the 1990s.”


“We may well discover, if we give them the space, that this Taliban is of course more reasonable but what we absolutely have to remember is that they are not a homogenous organisation – the Taliban is a group of disparate tribal figures that come from all over rural Afghanistan.”

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“It may well be a Taliban that is more reasonable,” Carter said. “It’s less repressive. And indeed, if you look at the way it is governing Kabul at the moment, there are some indications that it is more reasonable.”

Pakistan has ‘no favorites’ in Afghanistan, wants good relations with neighbor: Qureshi

Foreign Minister, Shah Mehmood Qureshi while addressing a press conference on 15th August reiterated that Pakistan had “no favourites” in Afghanistan. The country strives to have cordial ties with Afghanistan being its neighbor and favors an all-inclusive government at Kabul. He asserted that country is on the same page with the international community when it comes to finding a political solution to the problems of Afghanistan.

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He added that when the time comes, Pakistan will recognise the Taliban government in line with international consensus, ground realities, as well as Pakistan’s national interests”. By claiming that the country’s agenda is to foster development and peace in Afghanistan, he agrees that “there should be no military solution to the Afghan issue and wants all problems to be resolved through dialogue”

He commented that Pakistan had always played the role of a facilitator in the Afghan peace process and will continue to do so. He appealed the Afghan leadership to remain staunch on Afghan-owned solution and work together to save the lives and property of the Afghan people. While commenting on the flight of Ex-Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, he said that the “blame game” on Pakistan has ended.