Executive Search Poland as a way to success for your company

It is not easy nowadays to find high quality specialists. Searching on your own is a waste of time, money and unnecessary stress. In order to save time and avoid hiring the wrong person, who will turn out to be unsuitable for a given position after some time, it is worth using the Executive Search Poland service, which is one of the services offered by Sowelo.

Sowelo agency offers a wide range of services to its clients not only in Poland, but also worldwide. Executive Search Poland is one of them. Other services include Employer Branding, Recruitment Process Outsourcing, IT Contracting, Recruitment Process Assessment or Talent Market Mapping. Sowelo consultants have extensive experience in each of these areas.

Using any of these services is a guarantee of fast action, a professional approach, advice at every stage, as well as saving a lot of money. 

Executive Search Poland – step by step

Deciding to use the Executive Search Poland service you receive a full package of Sowelo services every time. Thanks to this option, searching for the best candidates for a given position ceases to be time-consuming and problematic. The whole process is quick and efficient. Sowelo headhunters start by working with the client. Building a profile of the candidate and determining the place from which the company will recruit – that is the start. The next stage of the work are headhunters’ contacts with candidates and interviews. Of course, only people who ideally match the competency profiles prepared together with the client pass to this stage. The best candidate for the position is selected. It is always up to the client to make the final decision on whether or not to hire this person. 

Note that each of Sowelo’s services, including the Executive Search Poland service, means of course an individualized approach. The consultants work closely with clients and take their preferences and comments into account. The 6-month guarantee that the agency provides to those who use its services seems to be of importance as well. It may happen that the candidate proposed by Sowelo is not suitable for the position, the client rejects him or the candidate resigns. In this situation, the agency will help to recruit a new person within the 6-month period under the same contract with the client, at no extra charge.

Sowelo agency places great emphasis on building partnerships with its clients. Thanks to this approach, many clients work with Sowelo on a permanent basis, return with further assignments and recommend the use of Sowelo’s services to other companies. The fruitful cooperation with Sowelo has already provided the company with many references from its clients. 

Why is it worth using the Executive Search Poland service?

There are many reasons why it is worth choosing services of a professional recruitment agency such as Sowelo. The company offers a comprehensive client service that covers all stages of recruitment. Everything is done in close cooperation with the client, who defines their expectations from the candidates for the position. Sowelo also provides advice on recruitment strategies, tools and methods. 

As far as the Executive Search service is concerned, Sowelo has a track record of helping to hire a CEO, for example. The client was a US-based company among the fastest-growing players in the SPM (sales performance management) industry in the US. This, of course, is just one of the company’s success stories!

So, why use Sowelo’s services? Let’s list the most important reasons. Firstly, Sowelo agency applies science to the recruitment process using, for example, specialized psychometric tools – McQuaig’s advanced behavioural assessment tests. Secondly, working with Sowelo means eliminating the stress and effort of recruitment as well as saving time. Another advantage is certainly hiring costs reduction. Getting access to an online platform is also a plus. This makes the entire recruitment process simpler and more efficient. As a final advantage, we can mention the achievement of an impressively low employee retention rate.

What does Sowelo Consulting specialize in?

The Sowelo agency’s many years of experience means that its employees have a track record of many recruitment processes, both simple and more problematic. They have an advantage over the competition because Sowelo has been in operation for many years and its consultants know the answers to many important questions. They have access to the talent database and know how to quickly reach and contact the right person for the job. They even reach out to professionals who are not looking for a job, present them an offer and offer them an interview. No matter how niche a specialist is currently in demand, Sowelo reaches them seamlessly!

Sowelo Consulting specializes in various areas of recruitment. When it comes to the IT industry, let’s mention robotics, process automation, software, internet, storage, infrastructure, networks, security, but also mobile services or consulting services. The company has already recruited a number of specialists for a wide variety of positions. Among them were, for example, PMO Director, Management Consultant, Accounting Manager, Transition Project Manager, Branch Director, Software Architect, Business Analyst, as well as Operation Director, Sales Executive, Team Supervisor or Unit Manager. 

The specialists at Sowelo are worth trusting. They have many years of experience, as mentioned above. They are also highly competent and knowledgeable, and with hundreds of successful projects to their credit, including in the field of Executive Search Poland, they leave the competition far behind.

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