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Monday, July 15, 2024

Family Feud: John Voight Clashes with Daughter Angelina Jolie Over Gaza Conflict

While justifying the inhumane acts of Israel, John Voight expressed disappointment with his daughter who is advocating for human rights and a peaceful resolution.

In a recent social media video, veteran actor John Voight publicly expressed his profound disagreement with his daughter, renowned actress Angelina Jolie. The source of their conflict? Jolie’s bold assertion that the destruction in Gaza is a result of Israel intentionally targeting civilian areas and effectively transforming the city into a “mass grave.”

Voight, clearly dismayed by his daughter’s stance, shared his sentiments, stating, “I am very disappointed that my daughter, like many others, has no understanding of the glory of God, of the truths of God.”

This public family feud between Voight and Jolie has drawn significant attention due to their starkly differing views on the ongoing Gaza conflict. While Voight remains a steadfast supporter of Israel within the circles of Hollywood, Jolie’s statement as a former United Nations Goodwill Ambassador has underscored the contentious nature of the situation.

The Gaza Crisis Through Angelina Jolie’s Eyes

Angelina Jolie’s Instagram post painted a grim picture of Gaza, referring to it as an “open-air prison” that has endured nearly two decades of tragedy, ultimately becoming a “mass grave.”

Jolie’s post also brought to light the harrowing statistic that a staggering 40% of the casualties in this ongoing conflict are innocent children. Her heartfelt plea revealed that entire families in Gaza are grappling with unimaginable losses, further emphasizing the urgency of the situation.

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Jolie did not mince words, shedding light on how this crisis unfolds before the world’s eyes, actively aided by the support of numerous governments. Her poignant message highlighted the dire consequences for millions of Palestinian civilians, especially women and children, who have been deeply affected by the ongoing conflict.

John Voight’s Unwavering Support for Israel

Voight’s response to his daughter’s assertions was unequivocal. In his video posted on social media platforms, he defended Israel vigorously, emphasizing that the Israeli army’s actions are essential to protect the land and its people. He argued that Israel had been subjected to inhumane terrorism and had a right to defend itself. Voight expressed his frustration with those who criticized Israel, even calling them “fools” and questioning their understanding of the truth.

The actor didn’t stop there. Voight went on to describe the conflict as a battle between good and evil, arguing that those opposing Israel were trying to wipe out Jews and Christians. He criticized the portrayal of Israel as a perpetrator of violence, suggesting that civilians in Palestine had the free will to leave and blaming the situation on what he termed the “barbaric state” and the tactics of Hamas. Voight’s strong stance mirrors his longstanding support for Israel and his outspoken advocacy, even during his notable support for President Donald Trump during his time in office.