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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Fazl’s much-awaited Plan B to come into Action Today

The influential cleric resorts to Plan B after his Azadi March fails to get him PM Khan’s resignation. Azadi March turned into a disaster when other major opposition betrayed the JUI-F and left them alone to fend for themselves.

JUI-F kicked off the Azadi March on October 28th last month with the aim to dethrone Prime Minister Imran Khan. Maulana Fazl gave fiery speeches from atop the container in which he ridiculed the current government labeling it as fake and illegitimate.

The government has since then tried to negotiate with the religious hardliners but all in vain. The sit-in has entered its 13th day and both the government and JUI are refusing to shift their stance. Despite threatening the government time and again, JUI-F failed to garner the desired results. This has led to them putting Plan B in effect from today.

‘Plan B’ of the Azadi March would come into action on 13TH of November, announced the Maulana on Tuesday. The venue of the protestors would also be shifted from H9 to another location, he added.

Sources from inside of JUI-F have informed that ‘Plan B’ is to block all the roads and highways of the capital. It might also call for shutter down strikes across the country, they added.

During a meeting of JUI-F chiefs at Fazl’s residence on Tuesday, it was decided that all main roads throughout Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Sindh, Balochistan, and Punjab would be blocked to pressurize the government to give in to their demands.

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In the meeting, the cleric was briefed about all the arrangements that were put in place for the execution of Plan B over which he expressed satisfaction.

Sources revealed that the JUI-F chief had ordered the provincial chiefs to identify the key roads, entry and exit points in order to coerce the government to accept their demands.

Maulana Fazlur Rehman praised his followers for being steadfast in the face of such adverse weather conditions. He also thanked PPP, ANP, NP, JWP, and PPP and especially Mahmood Khan Achakzai for supporting him in his struggle to restore democracy in Pakistan.

Fazl held the government accountable for the prevailing economic crises. He said that this fake government had made the lives of the people miserable with its poor governance and also taunted the current advisor to the prime minister for not knowing the price of tomatoes. He also demanded to know the details of the 70 billion rupees that PTI earned through the sewing machine business.

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Till now, JUI-F supporters have been peaceful and the government hasn’t tried to repress them either. But, Maulana’s ‘Plan B’ may lead to bloodshed as the government would have no other option than to initiate clampdown against the lawbreakers.