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Saturday, May 18, 2024

Pakistanis Do Not Accept You As Their Leader: Lashes Out Defeated Fazl

Maulana Fazlur Rehman continues playing in hands of powers too big for him to handle and continues being their mouthpiece. Maulana lambasted Imran Khan for being incompetent and reiterated his demand for premier's resign.

JUI-F chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman went on a rant against PM Imran during his fiery Azadi March speech on Sunday.

“Keep sitting on the chair, this nation doesn’t recognize you as its ruler,” he said.

Fazl acted surprised as to why the Prime Minister was asking him to follow the court’s decision when he himself has disrespected the court’s verdict time and again. He said that this incompetent government was fearful of the Azadi March and his party has managed to crush PTI’s ego.

“The Azadi March has reduced their [government] mountain of ego to dust,” he stated.

The JUI-F chief further said that he believed that a country should be run in accordance with the law and constitution and not the way the current government was running it.

Maulana Fazlur Rehman Shows No Sign of Budging

Ridiculing the prime minister, Fazl reminded his followers how not even a school teacher was there to receive him on his recent trip to the USA. Though PM Khan is willing to offer him anything but his resignation, the influential cleric and the thousands of religious hardliners who have gathered in Islamabad are refusing to budge.

Referring to the Prime Minister’s address during his first official visit to the US, he said, “He even abused us and the country in his US jalsa’’

Taking a jibe at the current government, the cleric said that the negotiating committee did not have the capability to understand their demands. ‘’Which is why I tell them to bring me the prime minister’s resignation’, he proclaimed.

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Fazl asserted that the current government had even disappointed China by alleging that the foreign loans were used by the policymakers to foster corruption and launder money.

The 13 ordinances which were approved in the parliament in an hour-and-a-half were also criticized in his speech where he said that these laws were made in a fake parliament which he did not accept.

In his blazing speech to the nation, JUI-F chief blasted the current premier’s ways and said that his politics was only based on calling other’s thieves.

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With the PM not offering his resignation and Fazl unwilling to compromise, the negotiations are likely to come to a dead end.

Has the Azadi March come back to Bite PM IMRAN?

The sit-in organized by Maulana looks no different than the dharna of 2014. Back then, it was PTI which was being inflexible while this time it’s JUI-F. The tables have turned and we will now get to witness how PTI handles this complex situation.