Games on Microsoft Teams – What Do We Know

Microsoft Teams is not usually known as the quintessential gaming platform, but after some recent developments, it looks as though this now might be the case. Microsoft has recently released a boat-load of updates to Microsoft Teams, practically transforming their idea into something entirely new. 

In this article, we will be taking a look at everything we know thus far surrounding Microsoft Teams and its reinvigoration, as well as talking about why Microsoft has decided to add games to a platform that is primarily used as a communication platform for businesses and companies. 


What Games Are They Implementing? 

As you may expect, Microsoft Teams is not all too likely to add games that are reminiscent of the triple-A gaming experience such as Grand Theft Auto 5 Or Red Dead Redemption 2. No, Microsoft Teams will feature simple games such as solitaire and bingo. 

This may be somewhat disappointing for some, and if you were hoping that you were now going to be able to have a hardcore gaming session with your bosses and co-workers, then this is just not going to be the case. 

The games that Microsoft Teams will now feature are more akin to the stock games you would find on a computer back in 2005, and while this might not be all too exciting, it’s certainly going to be a change of pace for people that are familiar with the program. 

Microsoft Teams is not going to be the next big makeshift online casino. All of the games that are coming to Microsoft Teams are incredibly simple, and in all reality, they are not going to be all too enticing for the vast majority of people. 

However, when it comes to having the option to have a little fun with your co-workers, anything beats most corporate team-building exercises, and these new games are going to be a welcomed addition to the platform for most.


The Reason Behind Microsoft’s Decision 

The reason why Microsoft Teams is adding games is incredibly simple; gaming can do wonders when it comes to opening up the brain to creative endeavours and team-building.

Having a small gaming session with co-workers can help get everyone’s brains working at full capacity, and in turn, this may lead to favourable results for business owners and companies. 

Moreover, when looked at from a broader perspective, this has the potential to make a substantial difference in innovation and productivity, and we might actually see a small but noticeable boost in the performance of some businesses. 

To sum everything up; Microsoft Teams is now going to feature a ton of simple games in an effort to improve business’s team building and morale.

While the vast majority of people are likely going to ignore this feature entirely, there is no doubt that a select few companies will take to implementing said games into their meetings to improve team morale, and who knows how much of an effect this could have on a business in the long-run if this is an area they struggle with. 


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