Guide To Downloading Facebook Videos Online

Facebook is much more than a social media website – it is a platform when people share their thoughts, opinions, life events and announcements. While it allows individuals to stay connected to their friends and family, it also allows users to stay updated about local and international news, blogs, video and audio content. While it was earlier used for merely interacting with your friends, peers, family and colleagues, Facebook has grown much more to include profiles and pages representing celebrities, media companies, businesses, conglomerates and bloggers. Each of these entities upload content on a daily basis for their audiences to view, make use of and share within their circles.

While browsing through Facebook, we have all come across certain videos scrolling through Facebook that we wish we could have saved in our phones. In order to have access to those videos, we usually copy its URL and paste it in our notes or we share it with a friend in order to come back to their chat later on in case we need access to the videos. However, none of these techniques are very smart as you could possibly erase the notes in your own or delete your friend’s chat. Another supposed solution to this problem is screen-recording the video or simply capturing your phone’s screen from another phone. However, this severely compromises the quality of your video and whenever you wish to view it again, the bad quality would probably leave you annoyed.

The right solution to the above issue is using a Facebook video downloader like Savefrom. Savefrom allows users to download videos from Facebook in multiple ways and formats and hence is a very convenient way of downloading your favorite video content from the social media website. 

Listed below are some of the benefits of Savefrom as a video downloader:

  • Savefrom lets you download from different platforms

Other than a Facebook video downloader, Savefrom is also a functioning YouTube downloader online and allows users to download videos from YouTube as well. In addition to that, users can download videos from other social media websites such as Instagram and TikTok. For websites other than those, users can simply add or before the website’s URL to begin downloading your video.

  • Savefrom lets you download in so many formats

Whether it is mp3, mp4 or HD – you name the format and Savefrom allows you to download your video in it. This is especially useful because if you are looking to download a video merely to listen to its music or its audio clip, you can choose to download in mp3 which would save you a lot of time and space. If you only want a video for educational purposes and don’t mind bad quality, you can download the video in a different quality than HD or can download it in HD rather than full HD.

  • Savefrom has a lot of features

Other than the multiple formats and the different platforms that Savefrom supports, it also has a lot of features. For instance, you can download videos by copying the URL and pasting it on Savefrom’s web page or you can download a Google Chrome extension for your browser and download videos directly from the webpage you are on. Hence, you can possibly download a video while watching it in real time and would have to let go of the hassle of going to a different website altogether. In addition to that, you can also choose a destination folder for all your downloaded files and then classify them on your own terms. For instance, you could compile the mp3 files in a separate folder and the mp4 ones in a different folder.

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