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Sunday, July 14, 2024

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Imran Khan, Bushra Bibi acquitted in Unlawful marriage case, court orders immediate release

The couple signed their marriage contract, or “Nikkah,” in January 2018 in a secret ceremony, seven months before Khan became prime minister.

In a massive win, Supreme Court rules PTI eligible for reserved seats

In the verdict announced on Friday, the Supreme Court nullified the PHC and ECP decisions, declaring them unconstitutional.

Husband Brutally Murders Pregnant Wife in Multan, Nation Demands Justice

Sania, who was five months pregnant, was allegedly murdered by her husband, Syed Ali Raza Bukhari.


NA Passes IMF-Centred Budget 2024-25

The Finance Bill 2024 is approved by Pakistan's National Assembly.

Bank of England holds steady on rates despite election looming

The BoE has emphasized that its decision was not influenced by the impending general election, despite the potential political ramifications.

FBR Cracks Down: Retailers Must Accept Card Payments or Face Penalties

The FBR has announced strict measures to enforce credit and debit card payments, enhance POS system compliance, and curb tax evasion through new regulations and hefty fines.

Moody’s Comments on Pakistan’s Debt Sustainability, IMF Negotiations

Moody’s highlights significant debt sustainability risks for Pakistan,

Long reads, cover stories, interviews and more from The GVS Magazine.

Proportional Representation in Reserved Seats: Do the Math!

The Pakistan constitution stipulates that the national and other assemblies have certain seats reserved for women and for non-Muslims.

Shocking theft of CT scan machine parts at Karachi hospital

Dacoits stole critical components from a CT scan machine at the Sindh government hospital in Liaquatabad, Karachi.

The Derailing Global World Order

The current "rule-based world order" is being undermined by U.S. self-interest and challenged by China and BRICS.

The Psychologist Filmmaker: Gem of Soviet Cinema

Explore the enduring legacy of Soviet filmmaker Larisa Shepitko, who continues to inspire cinephiles and filmmakers alike.


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پاکستانیوںُ مبارک! سپریم کورٹ کا بڑا فیصلہ: چوھدری نظام دین، شریف اور زرداری کو جھٹکا! قاضی فارغ!
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آئی ایس آئی بیچاری شریف زرداری کے غنڈوں میں پھنس گئی؟ قاضی پریشان اور جج حیران پریشان؟
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ISI to Record Lover’s Juicy Talks for National Security? Qazi Court or Comedy Show? Moeed Pirzada
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Future of Pakistan: Democracy or un declared martial law: Moeed Pirzada's Speech from Washington DC
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قاسمُ سوری کی تقریر، بہادر انسان کی کہانی، فرسٹ پاکستان گلوبل سیمینار واشنگٹن، ۶ جولائی ۲۰۲۴
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Why Modi Not Going to SCO? Snub to China’s Xi? Or Fear of America? Qazi’s New Game?
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Nizam Din’s War Against Moeed Pirzada & YouTubers? PTI Forward Blocks Conspiracy Fails?
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Qazi Isa Faces Big Challenge? Orya Maqbool Jan Files Strong Reference in Supreme Judicial Council.
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Army Chief Asim Munir betrayed Imran Khan on Promises Made thru Arif Alvi? Intercept Story
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Gang of Four: Sabir Shakir, Shahbaz Gill & Wajahat Khan Join Moeed Pirzada to Analyse Nizam Din…
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Who is on Trial Today: PTI or Supreme Court of Pakistan? Modi on Defensive? Moeed Pirzada
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Moeed Pirzada Responds to Javed Chaudhry’s Comments: We suffered for Pakistan not PTI
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Pakistan Rejects Indian Claims on killing of Brig Hamza? But Questions Remain: Moeed Pirzada
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Khan Gives Shut-Up Call to Talks with Sharif & Zardari? Bold & Intelligent Stand by Judges | Pirzada
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PTI Challenges an Angry Nizam Din: Battle Scenes in Islamabad & Lahore High Courts | Moeed Pirzada
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Shahbaz Gill’s Brother Abducted: How Will this Reign of Terror End? Do they Know? Moeed Pirzada
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Maryam’s New Dangerous Law to Control Media: PPP & PMLN play Games to fool people? Moeed Pirzada
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Nizam Din’s Biggest War: Against Social Media, & People of Pakistan | Moeed Pirzada
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How Modi Lost Despite Winning? Khan to suffer in Jail, till he Accepts Demands of Nizam Din? Pirzada
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“INDIA” Defeats Modi & BJP: Raises Painful Questions for Pakistan & Pak Supreme Court? Moeed Pirzada
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Big Political & Moral Victory of Khan & Qureshi, setting Direction for Future Ahead? Moeed Pirzada
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Gang of Four
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From Pakistan to USA, Imran Khan to Trump: Using Courts to Win Political Battles? Moeed Pirzada
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Why “Zalim Girl Friend” that sells Kashmiri Poet to AJK Police is Powerful but Stupid? Moeed Pirzada
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Who is the Real Traitor of Pakistan? Khan Raises a Difficult Question for Nizam Din | Moeed Pirzada
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KP PTI Budget Drops like a Bomb on PMLN? Iran President's Death No Foul Play? Moeed Pirzada
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امریکہ اور مغرب کو چین کے سامنے شکست کا سامنا؟ مشرق وسطیٰ کی سیاست نے گھر کو آگ لگا دی؟
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Khan’s New Position Hope for Fawad Ch, Sheikh Rashid? Cipher & IDDAT Drop Scene? Moeed Pirzada
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Khusras for Attack was Defeat of Nizam Din? Rs. 40 Billion Project to Control Social Media? Pirzada
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Pakistan’s Biggest Election Fraud: How Election Commission was Exposed by PATTAN-38? Moeed Pirzada
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Who Removed Iran’s President? ISI in Trouble as IHC Judge takes Bold Stand? ICC Targets Netanyahu
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Iran President & Foreign Min Feared Dead in Helicopter Crash: Accident or Terrorism? Moeed Pirzada
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Kyrgyzstan becomes Hell for Pakistani & Indian Students! PTI Marwat Bogus Press Talk Defending ISI?
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Khan in Blue Inspired Millions but Frightened Powerful? Tensions between Estab & Judiciary? Pirzada
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Imran Khan Missing From Rich Politicians & Generals Dubai Dreams! Difficult Questions for Pak Army?
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Will Khan Write to Asim Munir? MI Report on Election Rigging? Will MBS Help IK? Moeed Pirzada
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Saudi MBS Cancels Pakistan Visit? Plans to Ban Khan & PTI? Big Trouble in AJK? Moeed Pirzada
Video thumbnail
Khan & PTI: Bold Response to Nizam Din & Sharif Family Game? What’s the Game? Indian Elections?
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Attack on MBS? Rumors or Troubling Questions on Future of Saudi Arabia? Moeed Pirzada
Video thumbnail
What Hamid Mir, Imran Riaz & Anchors Demand through Judicial Commission? Will they Succeed?
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Khan’s Intelligent & Complex Politics of Deal with Estab? JI Joins PTI led Alliance? Moeed Pirzada
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Sher Afzal Marwat: Khan’s Bold Soldier or Wrong Number? Interview with Moeed Pirzada
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Imran Khan Confirms Marwat for PAC, Disappointing Many; Athar Minallah Challenges Qazi in S-Court?
Video thumbnail
Will PTI Again Resign from Assemblies to Fight on Roads for Khan? A Judge’s Bold Fight Against ISI?
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Establishment & PTI Negotiating a Deal? Nawaz vs Shahbaz Power Dynamics? Elon Musk in China?
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Army Chief Warns Social Media, But fails to Warn India’s RAW for Murders in Pakistan? Moeed Pirzada
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American Students, Muslim, Christian & Jews Stand for Palestinians in Gaza
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PTI Alliance of Six Parties to Launch Movement from Karachi & Faisalabad | Moeed Pirzada Analysis
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Courts becoming Headache for Generals? Washington Again Warns Pakistan on Iran;Islamabad surrenders
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Let Imran Khan Suffer in Jail? PTI Protests on Friday, Nawaz Holidays in China? Iran President Joke?

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