How Casinos Are Reducing Carbon Footprint

Saving the environment is a big topic nowadays for many businesses, small or big; even though a lot of individuals have taken on themselves to change their habits by buying eco-friendly products or minimizing their waste, the main burden of carbon emissions comes from the business sector.  

Since we are all in this together and we are trying to figure out how to live sustainably, it’s very important for businesses to do their part and also follow a program that will ultimately lead to a lower carbon footprint. 

The gambling industry is no exception. Even though it’s not directly related to practices that are harming the environment. It still produces high emissions of carbon dioxide. Consequently, it’s still necessary for both land-based and online casinos to minimize their carbon footprint and eventually produce zero emissions. In this article, we will explore the main practices of casinos that want to reduce their carbon footprint.  

Online Casinos 

Online casinos are an advantage here because they operate digitally, and they don’t need to collaborate with many suppliers physically or control a complex supply chain management in order to offer a good service continuously in their casinos and new casino games. 

So, when we compare land-based casinos to online casino sites, it’s definitely easier for casino sites to implement practices that will minimize their carbon footprint since everything from casino games to casino sites and mobile casino applications is in digital format. 

Actually, many casino sites have become solid competitors to traditional casinos since they offer a gaming selection that can be larger than the casino selection in land-based casinos. They provide casino games in many variations because casino games come with innovative features, such as slot games, baccarat, poker, live dealer casino games, and many other options. 

That being said, in order for casino sites to operate successfully, it needs to have a physical location. Some sustainable practices include energy-efficient options that will reduce carbon footprint and investments in green energy sources or implementing energy-saving solutions, can greatly improve the carbon footprint of the online casino brand.  

This is easier said than done, but since one casino brand can lead multiple online casinos, it is easier for them, in the long run, to make some eco-friendly changes because, as we said, each platform runs digitally. 

In addition to that, they can also implement a remote or hybrid workforce which again makes online gambling more sustainable since they don’t need to invest in larger buildings or spaces if their workforce is able to complete some of their work tasks remotely. 

Otherwise, they could also support charities or non-profit organizations which deal with environmental issues. For example, they can plant trees on behalf of casino players that reached certain milestones in online casinos. 

Land-Based Casinos 

Traditional casinos, especially prestigious casino brands produce high carbon emissions. For example, in Las Vegas, local authorities have asked the casinos to rely on renewable sources that will power their lights; Traditional casinos especially in that area are notorious for huge energy and water consumption. 

But, in general, they offer casino games in a large gaming area that needs to be properly designed and to function 24/7 with all of the expected amenities in order for the casino to offer a good gaming experience. In addition to that large venues also have live entertainment shows and fine dining restaurants, which results in a high carbon footprint.  

One of the main goals for every casino is energy saving and reducing energy consumption which would be beneficial for both the environment and the casino brand.  

One good example is the Mohegan Sun casino in the USA, which managed to decrease its energy use by 30% and rely more on renewable energy sources. Furthermore, the famous casino The Venetian is powered to some extent by solar power. 

 Many casinos also have comprehensive recycling programs that have the main goal of reducing waste and recycling everything from leftovers to paper, glass, plastic, and metal. In addition to that, there are many casinos that want to tackle food waste and help their local communities by donating some of their leftovers, especially if they have great restaurants and kitchens. 

They could also collaborate with eco-friendly suppliers or make some changes with eco-friendly packaging and products that will further decrease their carbon footprint.  

But mainly, they are focused on using wind and solar power as renewable sources of energy in order to decrease their energy bills and at the same time to operate as green buildings. Also, we must mention the lighting, which is one of the main attributes of traditional casinos – investing in energy-efficient lighting can greatly offset carbon emissions and help the casino reach its eco-friendly and sustainable goals. 

That being said, traditional casinos collaborate with many suppliers, and in order to reach their sustainable goals, they also have to communicate that message to their suppliers and staff, so it’s really a complex team effort that goes beyond the energy and waste management of the buildings. 


In conclusion, climate change and working towards sustainable solutions for businesses represents a pressing issue and an important goal for everyone, including online casinos. 

When it comes to traditional casinos, they are known for their high energy consumption and overall high carbon footprint, but fortunately, we see some changes even with famous casino brands that want to adopt eco-friendly practices and improve their carbon footprint in the long-run.

It’s not just a marketing ploy or a short-term goal. The eco-friendly aspect of the business sector represents a slow but important change towards a better future for everyone, which is why it’s vital for both the local authorities and governments to support businesses, including land-based and online casinos, that want to make sustainable changes and create a sustainable eco-friendly environment for their casino players and employees. 

In the future we expect for the biggest changes to be recycling scheme in both online and language casinos as well as the implementation of renewable sources of energy.

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