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Thursday, May 23, 2024

How India tries to isolate Pakistan?

According to Mustafa Khan, since the earliest years of the state, Pakistan’s army’s commitment to defending it locks Pakistan into a civilizational battle with India, which the army posits as universally Hindu despite the simple fact that India is a multireligious, multiethnic state. For the army, resisting India’s rise is a necessary condition for the survival of Islamic Pakistan. 

In today’s India, those who collect the biggest cuts are heroes. After Sohrabuddin who presented the highest kickback, read tribute-amount, on rites of passage for marbles from Rajasthan is a remarkable collection. Of the one who claims he was not such was Satyapal Mallik the former governor of Jammu and Kashmir who turned down the offer of Rs 300-crore bribe if he cleared two files belonging to ‘Ambani’ and an ‘RSS-affiliated. In my Tenure, No Terrorists Could Enter Within 100 km of Srinagar.’

To believe or not to believe, rests with any man of any inclination. Thus, India persists through time. Even those kiosks owners in Bhopal gathered for the ‘furtive’ namaz prayers at a school from the back gate. Until Friday, October 22, 2021when suddenly MP Pragyasingh Thakur came there and stopped it because, in the school for girls, the girls are not safe during the prayer!

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What is the impact of farmers’ protests on the government?

PM of India is disturbed that the events in India during the recent farmers’ protest may “portray the BJP as a communal party”. Of course, it is but why worry over it? It is because it is age-old tactics to beguile the people so that they eat their cake and have it too. It has queered the pitch for Yogi whose extremist supporters of the right-wing managed the Muslims but now it is not working. The reason is that beguiling all the way and all the time is more valuable at the election. Though this is a double-edged sword that could slash the Hindus themselves.

The moral strength of RSS backed party is all time deceptive, the programs of Muslims in Gujarat 2002 are still tangential in terms of eroding of moral values from which Modi and his followers have not come out clean. A dimension of it is that the farmers’ agitation is veering towards creating Khalistan! Modi’s admission to vice president Abdul Hamid that he cannot claim credit for bringing education to Muslim girls would not be music to the Gujarati Hindus is a senile temerity. Why is Modi afraid!

In our country, everyone is free to practice his/her faith but doing it forcefully is not good. The school has girl students from class I to XII who are unsafe in such a situation,” MP Pragya Singh Thakur. Is she afraid of the worshippers or the courts and election?

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“The Srinagar-Sharjah flight that has been announced today: has Pakistan a change of heart and allowed flights originating from Srinagar to use its airspace? If not, then this flight will die the way the Srinagar-Dubai flight died during UPA2,” Omar Abdullah said in a tweet. These switchbacks show how disturbed India is internally not to speak of in its relation with its neighbors, no nation is safe.

The historic rivalry of India and Pakistan

Matthew Arnold had developed certain golden rules by which one can measure the excellence of literature. In terms of the current situation between India and Pakistan, it is India’s neighbor who would pass the test. In her book Fighting to the End: The Pakistan Army’s Way of War, Christine Fair says “First and foremost, Pakistan’s army sets and prosecutes major domestic and foreign policies of the Pakistan state.

Since the army has controlled the state directly or indirectly for most of its history it is well-positioned to use the state to pursue its own institutional ends. Thus, it seeks to maximize as many of its own corporate interests as possible. Because the army requires its own existence, it must make its own appropriate adjustments along the way to ensure its policies and performances do not, in fact, destroy the state.

“Second, as I argue, in this book the army has been very effective at ensuring that civilian institutions and even ordinary Pakistanis share the army’s strategic concerns and priorities; thus, the army generally sustains what it does even when its preferences impose significant financial costs and opportunities cost upon the state and its people. Consequently, even if the civilians manage to seize power from the army, it is not obvious that civilians would immediately pursue different security policies from those of the army.

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Third, the army’s concerns vis-a-vis India are not purely even mostly security-driven, Pakistan does point to India’s larger and growing military capability as evidence of India’s intention toward Pakistan. India’s capabilities do warrant appropriate defensive investments. Curiously, while Pakistan could have framed its demands for Kashmir within the rubrics of water security and the defensibility of its terrain, it has done so with few recent exceptions. Since the earliest years of the state, Pakistan’s [m1] army’s commitment to defending it, locks Pakistan into a civilizational battle with India, which the army posits as universally Hindu despite the simple fact that India is a multireligious, multiethnic state. For the army, resisting India’s rise is a necessary condition for the survival of Islamic Pakistan. Fourth, because the army’s concerns and preoccupations are ideological as much as military in scope.

The Pakistani Army views its struggle with India in existential terms

On October 25, 2021, Shah Mahmud Quereshi warned about India-inspired street terrorism: “The state that used to say that it was the world’s biggest democracy is [now] becoming a rogue state through its activities. We have information and evidence on the basis of which I can say India is fanning state terrorism. India has prepared a plan to destabilise Pakistan.” It is manifest that street terrorism causes existential terrorism.

Running parallel to this is pulling rope between the PM Imran Khan and military chief Bajwa for the appointment of ISI chief. This is an acknowledged fact that there would be a tussle between the State under Imran Khan and the Military chief Bajway such vents would take place. The people of Pakistan are aware and tacitly wish things to happen for the welfare of all.

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In contrast to Pakistan’s ideals is the nightmare in India because the deep state is RSS and it can find its own way of doing things despite what the state does or the government says.


Mustafa Khan holds a Ph.D. on Mark Twain. He lives in Malegaon Maharashtra, India. The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Global Village Space.