How It is Better and Safer to Play Online Lottery- Offline Vs Online

Lotteries have prevailed even long before the internet came into existence. Back in those days, going to a dealer physically and buying a paper lottery was the only choice people had. But as the internet emerged, the way things function changed drastically. Today, users can go to online sites and buy lotteries from the comfort of their own home. There are also mobile apps through which you can play on the move, which makes playing easy and convenient than before. The paper lottery still exists but after reading this article, we are pretty sure you would be inclined towards buying online lottery, just like us.

1. Play from Anywhere Across the Globe:

We are already aware that the paper lottery has geographical limitations, which means if you stay in India, you cannot play from the US or Europe. The Indian lottery options available in India such as the Kerala state lottery or Punjab state lottery offers jackpot in Rupees but the US lottery can pay you in dollars which would be 100 times more than what you can win in local lotteries.

2. Easy to Buy:

When you buy paper lottery tickets, you will have to physically go to the sale point to buy the ticket by standing in a queue until your number comes. But when you buy the ticket online, you just have to have your device and the internet connection and you can make the purchase on the go as well. Just register with your personal details and card details and that’s it, you are good to go.

3. More Secure Ticket:

Once you win, you have to produce the winning ticket physically if you have the offline paper ticket to claim the prize. This means if you lose the ticket, you will get nothing. This is why every year billions of dollars go to waste due to unclaimed jackpot winnings. When you buy the ticket online, there is no such problem and there is a permanent digital record of your ticket along with the transaction records so it is secure.

4. Notification:

Sometimes players buy a ticket and forget to check the results of the draw. By the time they realise they have missed it and it is too late. Online ticket buying has the advantage that is the players get the notification or alerts in the email within 24 hrs if they have won a prize and the funds are directly transferred to the player’s account. If you win the jackpot, then the player will require collecting the prize in person to prove their identity or request to be paid in cheque. The players need to choose the pay-out option as they have the option to be paid a full amount at once or in the form of yearly payments.

5. Store and Replay:

You can set a direct debit from your card and play for selected numbers every week via an automated process which means you will never miss a chance of winning. This is possible if you play the UK’s lottery games. When you play the paper lottery, you might forget to buy tickets a few weeks missing your winning chances which can be avoided by switching to online lottery games.

6. Select Random Numbers:

Though some stores have a lottery machine that can help you select Brandon numbers, most stores do not allow that. Selecting random numbers is far easier when you do it online. Like when you select UK lottery, you can click on ‘Lucky Dip’ and they will assign a combination of random numbers to you.

7. Huge Game Selection:

When you play using online lotteries, you get the opportunity to participate in global lotteries such as Mega Millions and Powerball. These are US lotteries and Powerball has the record of the biggest jackpot win in the history worth $1.586 billion.  Even Indians have had the chance to win the jackpot in global lotteries, which proves that everyone has a fair chance to win the huge jackpot money from anywhere across the globe.

When playing online, you can access the lottery games of any country which means you can also buy UK lottery tickets such as EuroMillions and Thunder Ball and get the chance to win a huge jackpot,

8. Fair Draw Practices:

The draw time is always set and the same every week. The sale of the ticket is terminated at a set time all over the world. No ticket can be bought after the draw happens and only the tickets that were sold before the draw are eligible for winning any prize. In offline mode, there are always chances that someone can cheat or purchase the ticket at a later point in time.

With so many advantages of online lottery games over offline, I am sure you must be inclined towards it just like us. The only doubt that you can be sceptical about is that is it secure to make payment online and is it reliable? Well, most of the reputed lottery sites have a legit license, and they are regulated by trusted authorities. You can find the licenses on their website itself hence be rest assured.


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