How the January 6th Hearings are Changing American Politics

The world of politics is one that is heavily debated and even more today than it has ever been. The events that have defined the past few years of American politics reach far beyond the borders of the US. The handling of the different cases have been a point of interest for not only Americans, but for the rest of the world. One of the most recent cases that are up for debate is January 6th hearings on the ex-president’s involvement in the storming of the Capitol and the way this case is being handled in court is something that might change American politics. 


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Multiple challenges  

Among the challenges we find in the world today, politics is not the only one. The number of urgent matters in the news have had different effects on different people, but the increased frustration a lot of people are harboring played a big part in the storming of the Capitol. The initial case against the ex-president didn’t indict him, but the court case on the storming of the Capitol, where republicans are coming out and speaking to the fact that his involvement is what turned it into a violent rally. The event itself has gained lots of publicity.


The fact that it’s republicans, and not democrats, on the stand is an approach that was not expected by the general public. The case being made is that the former president placed both the party and republicans in office at risk, in addition to lying about where the money he collected from the republican voters after he lost the election is going. How this case is currently developing is creating an interesting environment in the republican party that is worth keeping an eye on.

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