How to be on the top of your productivity game?

We all have different tasks that we want to finish as soon as possible. It doesn’t matter if it’s a school assignment, a work project, or a task at your home. Everyone wants to finish as many things as possible in as little time as possible. But productivity isn’t that, to be productive is the skill to know how your system works and to take advantage of that. Productivity is more of a lifestyle than a goal. You can read a lot of blogs about how to be motivated and how to have the right mindset. And that’s good but that will only last you a few hours in the best-case scenario. Most of the things that you read will improve your results, but to be productive in the long term you have to establish some routines that will help you to always have the right mindset. So in this article, we will share with you some of the most used practical things that you can try out to be more productive.


Physical activities


It doesn’t matter if your task requires movement or not it’s always recommended to stretch out a little or to work on your muscles. When you do physical activities your more blood flows through your body which will help your body to create more energy. Also, when you go jogging or in the gym you clear your mind which can help you to think more clearly and to have better ideas. If you follow some of the most popular actors or public figures they always make some time for physical activities. You don’t have to run a whole marathon at the first try. Start in little, try to run 2 miles for a week, and in the next try 3. This way you can track your improvement which will give you a dose of happiness.


Make a list.


Making a to-do list will give you a clear view of the tasks you should do in a certain amount of time. This way you get a picture of the complexity of your tasks. Each assignment we have to finish is different, some of them will require a longer time, others don’t. Now all you have to do is to wake up early, like 7-8 AM, get a nice breakfast and start your day by working on the harder tasks. No matter if you’re a morning or night person after waking up you will be the most productive for a few hours. After you finish your project or a particular percentage of that, after a long break you can start working on your smaller tasks around the house.


Get rid of distracting things 


There are apps and functions that block you from unproductive sites or activities. If you use chrome there are a lot of extensions that could help you from accessing your favorite sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. If you need a tip to try out Motion, it’s a great extension that is customizable. You can set your working hours and the specific sites that you don’t want to use. Or if you spend too much time on your phone, there are apps for that too. Or if it happens that you have a new Galaxy phone you have a standard function called ‘Focus mode’ which will disable all the distractive apps until you turn it off.


Have some fun


Life is not only about working hard, you should give yourself a treat and have some fun. You can do this by spending time with your friends or to play something on the internet. Breaks are always important, they help us to fill our positivity tank. 


A great example of free-time activities is playing some poker games. You can do that with your friend on a weekend. All you need is a nice table, a pack of cards, some chips and a group of friends. Playing card games with your friends will relax you and make it possible to have a great talk. Or if you just have some spare time during the day you can access some casino websites. There you can choose between multiple games, to find the one that fits you the most. You have the option to play some poker, blackjack, slots, anything that you like. Playing such games can also improve your social skills, concentration, logic, etc. 


Have a hobby 


There are tasks that we are obliged to do, and there are ones that we do because we are passionate about it. Most of these hobbies are related to arts, we all have a part inside of us that are interested in arts. This can be related to music, theater, movies, images, or anything else. Find a thing that you are passionate about and give you joy and make some time to practice that. There are multiple hobbies you can choose from, try out as many as possible, and stick with the one that you love the most.




Being productive isn’t just about making as many tasks as possible but to do them as good as possible. It’s very important to have a plan for each day and to stick to that. In that plan, you should include hard tasks, easy tasks, and hobbies at the same time. Maybe you won’t finish all your objectives sooner but at the end of a day you will be happy and that’s what matters the most. 


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