How to Get More Views on YouTube: 10 Tips to Try Today

With YouTube being the world’s largest user-generated content platform, it has become a haven for online businesses and social media marketers to flourish on. With more than 1 billion hours of video being watched every day, YouTube can get you the maximum number of eyeballs on your content, that too more than Netflix and Facebook combined. This is why YouTube is one of the best places to focus on as a business. However, if you have been posting content for a long time and aren’t still getting enough views, then this article is just for you. Today we’re going to tell you about youtube seo tools that can help you to get more views on YouTube. Well, one simple way to achieve that is to buy YouTube subscribers and YouTube views, but more on that later. Before we jump on to the tips, let’s understand how you should make a video on YouTube first.


When it comes to posting content on YouTube, there is one simple rule, keep it high quality and the viewership will follow. High quality has a lot of meanings, which we’ll discuss in the article, but what you need to know is that, when you use better camera gear, the differences are noticeable and hence people tend to like your videos more. Apart from that video timing also plays an important role, because YouTube is a place where people of all age groups can join in to watch. Now that you understand that much, let’s jump right into the tips to increase the number of views you’re getting on YouTube.


  1. Focus on the content you’re making
    The content is the most important part of YouTube, so you need to focus on it before you can start getting more views. To create content that fetches you more views, you need to make it more compelling. What we mean by that is, you have to create content that people would want to watch. The best way to do so is to make “how-to” videos on YouTube as they are the most successful ones. People have bagged millions of views on YouTube by making how-to videos.


  1. Ask people to subscribe
    Audience retention plays a major role in getting your video views and hence it should be paid attention to. One good way to make your people stay is to ask them to subscribe at the end of each video. Analytics reveal that more than 50-60% of the people watching your videos usually haven’t subscribed and this number grows as you grow on YouTube. This is because, getting an audience is one thing, and retaining an audience is another, and you have to focus on the latter more to stay relevant over the years.


  1. Make a catchy thumbnail
    Most people click on a video after watching the thumbnail. Since people only take thumbnails and titles for consideration, you need to make sure that you use large bold text on your thumbnail to catch people’s attention. If you can make them stop scrolling on your piece of content, then you have gotten yourself a view. A lot of people will add absurd reactions and expensive objects to make people click on their video.


  1. Write catchy titles
    As we mentioned earlier, titles and thumbnails are what make the audience click on your videos, so make sure you write good titles and make even better thumbnails. Now the key to writing good thumbnails resides in the fact that people are attracted to exaggeration and hyperboles. If you have something in the video to exaggerate upon, then using that as a title is going to get you the most views. If you don’t have something like that in the video, then you can just use clickbait to lure in people.


  1. Create playlists
    Playlists are one of the most underrated things on YouTube. Most people who make a series forget to make a playlist, which is why their views drop significantly. This is because when you post a series and you forget to add them into a playlist, then people have to go out and search for the next part of the video, whereas in a playlist, they can watch it in order, and hence get you a lot of views.


  1. Using end screen cards
    Using end screen cards to promote other videos of yours is a great way to get more views on YouTube. This is because, people if they watched your content will feel interested in watching more, which is why using end screen cards is going to help. End screen cards can be turned on from the creator studio application and is a great tool provided by YouTube.


  1. Adding a watermark to your videos
    When you add a watermark to your videos, not only are you claiming that video as yours, you are also creating brand awareness. So when people search for the type of content you create, your channel is the first one that comes to their head. This is a great tip to make sure to keep people watching your content and not going out to search other channels.


  1. Make sure your videos are embedding enabled
    What this means is when you turn on embedding, it makes your video available to people for embedding on their website, which can get you far more views than possible. You can also upload it on your website and hence get more views and reach a newer audience.


  1. Promote your videos on different platforms
    Promoting your videos on other platforms is going to be the best method to make sure people watch the content you’re creating. If you don’t promote your videos then all your efforts go in vain. Hence make sure to promote your content on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to fetch better results.


  1. Buy YouTube subscribers and views
    The best way to gather more audience and get more views is to buy YouTube subscribers and YouTube views. This is because subscribers act as an anchor for other people to tune into your videos. Hence when you buy YouTube subscribers, more people come organically as they think that if other people have liked your videos then it must be good. Hence your video gets more views. However, don’t buy from unreliable sources and consider buying from Viralyft or Getviral because they provide high-quality engagement.


With the YouTube community being more competitive than ever, it is the right time to invest in this platform. If you’re an online business trying to make it big using your content as a source, then YouTube is the place for you. And if you don’t know how to fetch more videos on YouTube, then the tips mentioned above are going to help you immensely. Till then happy YouTubing! 


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