How to Level up your Adventure Rank Faster in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact has taken the whole world by storm with its exceeding popularity in the gaming community. It has become the most played anime title of all time. Genshin Impact has also broken a lot of records, earning groundbreaking revenue in record time.


The game offers numerous fun things to the players be it exploring the vast and beautiful world, fighting monsters in the dungeons, a ton of playable characters, an extensive combat system and plethora of unique features which makes everyone want to tailor their Genshin Impact account with their game keys in the best way possible. Even though, in the current times where games like New World are taking over and players stacking up their New World Coins to get ahead of the game, Genshin is still going strong and keeps on holding it’s ground.


While this all makes it super fun to play, it also makes it way harder for players to level up their adventure rank in the game. So, here is a short guide to leveling up faster in Genshin Impact.


Fight Weekly Bosses

One of the first things that you can do in the game to level up your adventure rank faster than others is fighting the weekly bosses.

Each week you can fight two different bosses that can earn you quite a lot of adventure rank EXP points. These two bosses are Storm Terror and Andrus, not only do they get you significant exp boost, you also get a ton of loot as well.


Fighting Storm Terror can be a little easier compared to Andrus, the wolf king. But you can get quite a lot of rewards in terms of exp and other potent artifacts if you can manage to win the battle.

However, Andrus can be a little tricky to beat but the reward is totally worth it, so make sure to step in when you are ready.


Collecting the Collectibles

One of the easiest ways to level up faster in Genshin Impact is to collect the Anemoculi and Geoculi. You can find them by exploring the world and the best way to go about collecting them is to first look for the Anemoculi, as they can be traded for exp points and they also grant you some extra stamina to better explore the world and collect the Geoculis.


Complete the World Quests

Completing the world quests and story mode quests are practically two of the best ways to earn some whopping 500 exp points. And while the story mode quests do have some requirements, there always are world quests that you can find on the map and they will give you the same amount of experience points in literally a couple minutes.


Complete Daily Commissions

If you fulfil the requirements for doing the daily commissions, they can be extremely useful as they are absolutely free to play. You can complete upto 4 daily commissions every single day, they appear on the map as purple icons just find them and have great rewards upon completion, ranging anywhere between a couple dozen to hundreds of exp points.

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