How to Obtain a Turkish Citizenship as a Pakistani Citizen

Recently, the issue of migration has become more and more acute. Many reasons contribute to this: political instability in a number of countries, reasonable distribution of capital, and so on.

One of the most favorable countries for residence is rightly considered to be Turkey. Surrounded on three sides by the sea, with a rich culture and hospitable population, the country attracts millions of tourists. Moreover, many foreigners are thinking about moving to Turkey and obtaining Turkish citizenship by investment. There are plenty of reasons for this: living in a comfort zone, building a career, developing their own company or taking a well-deserved vacation.


Overview of Turkish Citizenship Program for Pakistani

It is possible to obtain a second passport in different ways: if one of the parents is a citizen of Turkey, by marriage, by special merit, by naturalization or by employment. Each has its own peculiarities. 

One of the attractive options is citizenship by investment program for Pakistani. In this case, the applicant is subject to certain requirements:

  • absence of problems with the law;
  • confirmation of the legality of income;
  • clear compliance with the terms of the program.

Together with the investor, his/her spouse and children under the age of majority are entitled to citizenship. More detailed information on this issue is available at


Turkish Citizenship Benefits for Pakistani

Obtaining a Turkish passport means providing a reserve airfield in case of an unforeseen political situation in your own country. In addition, many other advantages stand out:

  1. Access to the education system. Having a passport gives you the opportunity to get free education in one of the many educational institutions. There are reimbursement plans for higher education institutions.
  2. Quality health care system. Every citizen of Turkey has the right to receive medical care. There are many public and private medical facilities providing top-notch services. There is free emergency care available even for residents without health insurance benefits. 
  3. Pension program. Pension options are available, which makes it possible to feel confident in the future.
  4. Visa-free travel and tourist visa. Such destinations as Argentina, Brazil, South Korea, Japan and others are open. After submitting the required documents, you can get a Schengen tourist visa. 
  5. Access to the United States on an E-2 visa. Turkish citizens can apply for residency in the United States.

According to Vladlena Baranova, an expert at Immigrant Invest, if you have decided to settle in Europe, but with lower costs, it is recommended to consider this particular destination.


Turkish Citizenship Investment Options for Pakistani

There are several ways to obtain a Turkish passport for citizens of Pakistan. The fastest and easiest way is citizenship for investment. There is no need to learn Turkish. Investments can be the following:

  1. The most favorable option is the purchase of your own housing. The purchase amount is from 400,000 US dollars. For a long period of time, real estate prices increase by 15-25% per year. You can immediately move into the purchased apartment or rent it out.
  2. Transfer of funds. The investor is offered to open a deposit in a bank, purchase government bonds, shares of one of the funds. The amount of investment is 500,000 US dollars. 
  3. Creation of jobs. If you are going to open your own company, this option is definitely for you. The amount of capital is not less than 500,000 US dollars, the mandatory number of employees is not less than 50.

The entire process of making contributions, documenting takes from three to four months. Three years after the transaction, the investor can sell the real estate or acquired securities.


Turkish Citizenship Obtaining Process for Pakistani

Today, it is possible to find out how to apply for Turkish citizenship as a Pakistani both in person and online. However, it is recommended to apply the services of professional specialists to avoid inaccurate information and, as a result, rejection. The process takes place in several stages:

  • collecting the necessary documentation;
  • selection of the real estate object;
  • personal trip or a trip of a trusted person to the object;
  • purchase and sale transaction;
  • sending of documents.

After receiving approval, the client has the opportunity to become a full-fledged citizen of Turkey.



Today, more than ever, people have the right to choose to improve their living conditions. Modern programs presented by developed countries give a great opportunity to change life abruptly.

Getting Turkish citizenship by investment for  Pakistani is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. In case of any difficulties, do not panic, but boldly follow your dream. In order to determine the choice of a suitable place of residence, contact the qualified specialists of Immigrant Invest. On the official website, you will receive detailed advice from professional experts with extensive experience.


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