How to Pass the Time on the Mobile Phone

Your phone can act as the introduction to a space of endless possibilities. You will find passing time with smartphones more interesting than you’d expect. 

The article will go through the activities you can use to pass the time on your mobile phone; some might even earn you extra cash. 

Surfing Through Blogs 

The power of blogs is infinite. They are vast, and mainstream media also utilizes them to reach its audience. With your favorite browser, you can access millions of blogs anytime.   

Depending on your daily activities, hobbies and preferences, there is a blog post to suit you. You can read the happenings of the weekend activities in just under 5 minutes from your favorite website. 

You can also use blogs to find summarized information on a particular topic. This can be during a last-minute revision for your test or final preparation for an interview. 

Explore Sports Betting

There is an ongoing game somewhere in the world every minute you turn on your phone. The fun part is that you don’t have to be a sports fan to start the game of chance. 

Many wagering sites offer first-time users a tutorial on how to get started. On the same note, you can find blog posts dedicated to providing information for beginners. 

Betway is a trustworthy betting site that offers many betting options. Like many reliable providers, you can access it via an app or website. You can visit Betway’s site or app today to bet on that wager you’ve had a hunch on, and get a chance to win.

Organize Your Apps

You have a better chance of having quality time with your phone as a busy individual if your apps are well organized. You can organize your apps with customizable features accessible directly from your phone or through third-party apps available in your app store. 

Mostly, you can have your favorite apps under one domain, where they are accessible with a click. If you operate your business via phone, take some time to arrange apps according to their urgency.

Notifications Check

The more you use your apps, the more notifications pile up, sometimes making it difficult to access the important ones. There are several ways in which you can manage notifications. 

If notifications from unnecessary apps have clogged up, you can restrict them exclusively to apps you need via your phone’s settings. This way, you get alerts from essential apps, which you can delete immediately after review.

Usually, you can access the notification panel by swiping down your screen. Also, regularly clearing notifications ensures your phone works effectively.

Play Games or Read E-Books

If you’re not betting on Betway, you can try free games from your AppStore or Play Store. There are infinite games to try depending on your preferences. There are some you can even play with your buddies during lunch breaks.

If games or gambling is not your preference, you can read free e-books on various websites. You get to review these books after every read, and you might get to interact with the respective authors.


There are numerous ways you can use your phone to pass the time. Spending a few minutes on the mentioned activities offers productive options for organization purposes, fun or money if you are lucky.  


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