Imran Khan Virat Kohli

Prime Minister Imran Khan, on Wednesday, defeated Virat Kohli in an online poll conducted by the International Cricket Council (ICC) polls on the social media platform of Twitter. ICC had conducted an online poll asking the users about who they think is the cricketing giant from the options given. The options included Indian skipper Virat Kohli, South African player AB de Villiers, Meg Laming, and former Pakistani cricketer Imran Khan.

PM Imran Khan won the poll as thousands of his fans and followers had voted for him. Interestingly, PM Khan edged out Indian skipper Kohli in the poll with a narrow margin. Kohli had received 46% votes while PM Khan had secured 47% votes. South African player bagged 6% votes and Meg Lamming had received 0.5% votes.

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Currently, Kohli is rated the top batsmen in the world by ICC. As Khan beat Indian skipper Kohli, Twitter stormed with #PakistanShocksIndia and #ImranKhan trends on Wednesday. Fans and followers of PM Khan inundated Twitter with hilarious reactions. Several Pakistani social media users jeered India on social media for losing the online poll.

The joyous fans shared images of PM Khan lifting the ICC World Cup 1992 on social media. Meanwhile, short videos of Khan playing cricket matches appeared on Twitter.

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Social media users say it was a close contest between Kohli and Khan as the Pakistani premier secured a big win over the current Indian skipper at the end of the poll.

The advocates of PM Khan praised him as the finest cricketer and a political leader. PM Khan is currently the 22nd premier of Pakistan. He took the oath on 18th August 2018 after sweeping general elections in 2018.

Khan is not only known as a charismatic sportsman but also a philanthropist and a visionary leader across the world. Time and time again, PM Khan garners immense praise on social media for his remarkable efforts to develop Pakistan and improve its image across the world.